Monday, August 18, 2014

Frozen themed Cakes

This is the frozen-themed cake that I baked for my little girl's birthday party in May.  A simple cake frosted with butter cream, sandwiched with tangy lemon curd, decorated with edible print and a few snowflakes made with royal icing.  I wanted to bake a more elaborated cake for her party, but I had just so many things to prepare for her party .... decorations, food, venue, party-invite etc .... that I felt overwhelmed and over...stretched!  But the main reason (read: ultimate challenge) for choosing a simple cake: I have no fridge to keep the cake chilled, at outdoor temperature from  9 am to 3 pm! So, practical me opt for a single-tier cake with minimum decoration to ensure nothing melts away in the hot month of May.  To beat the heat, I placed the cake in a cake container, and the whole container sealed in a large cooler bag, with four "1 kg" block of frozen ice packs (you can get the ice packs from Daiso at S$2 each).  By the time we were ready to cut the cake at 3pm, the ice blocks were still hard and chilled (I was super "kiasi", but better be "kiasi" than to have a ruin cake ^_^).

I also made some frozen-themed cookie pops for her goodies bags.  Again, the picture is edible print that I ordered online, and I just stick them on the baked cookies with some royal icing.  This is really easy, yet the result is amazing!  

Happy 7th Birthday, Kiara!

Fast-forward a few months later ..... I  baked another frozen-themed cake on August 9.  This time for my friend's daughter.  Very simple requirement: She has the frozen-themed cake toppers, so just need a single-tier cake to match the frozen theme.  I baked a light chocolate sponge cake and sandwiched the layers with dark chocolate mousse, a thin layer of coffee butter cream and a layer of chocolate mousse with crushed maltesers.  The whole cake is frosted with sky blue Italian Meringue Butter Cream.  The cake is decorated with "snow" (royal icing) at the edge and bottom, plus some fondant snowflakes randomly placed on the cake.

In additional to the birthday cake, I also baked some mini cupcakes for her.  I baked a batch of Medjool dates buttermilk cupcakes just a week back, and I really like them.  Very soft texture, just like sponge cake, even though it was prepared using the traditional method of creaming butter and sugar together.  The cupcakes are not too sweet, with part of the natural sweetness coming from the Medjool date itself. So I used the same recipe for her cupcakes, plus a bonus:  The cupcakes were filled with chocolate mousse in the centre.  


  1. Looking at your effort, it reminded me how much zest I had when organising my kiddo's bday. Definitely a lot of love and effort you put into this one.

    1. Yes, all aching and tired after the event. Still have a few more years before she reaches her teens. By then, she probably she wouldn't want me to throw birthday parties for her). Argh!


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