Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pan-fry Pumpkin Kueh with Sesame seeds and Dessicated Coconut 《椰香芝麻南瓜饼》

This pumpkin kueh makes a delightful afternoon tea snack.  It takes only a few ingredients and a few simple steps to prepare this tasty snack.  The desiccated coconut adds a mild coconut fragrance to the kueh.  Try it!

(makes 8 kueh)

120g mashed pumpkin
50g glutinous rice flour
50g plain flour
20g icing sugar
20g desiccated coconut
Extra plain flour (to dust your hands)
Sesame seeds (for coating)


1) Steam and mash the pumpkin.  While the mashed pumpkin is still hot, place it in a deep bowl, together with the glutinous rice flour, plain flour, icing sugar and dessicated coconut to form a soft, non-sticky dough (if dough is still wet, add another tbsp of plain flour).

2) Divide the dough into 8 portions.  Dust your hands with some flour and shape each portion into a round patty.

3) Coat each pumpkin patty with sesame seeds and flatten it with your palm while gently pressing the sesame seeds onto the pumpkin patty.

4) Heat up a non-stick pan and add a teaspoon of oil.  Pan fry the pumpkin kueh on both sides over medium heat till light golden brown.

5) Enjoy the pumpkin kueh with a cup of floral tea.

[Recipe adapted from 孟老師烘焙園地]

I love pumpkin in both sweet and savory dishes.  Here are some of the Chinese snacks that I have prepared with pumpkin:

Top:  Pan Fry Pumpkin Kueh,  Steamed Pumpkin & Garlic Chives Kueh
Bottom:  Steamed Pumpkin Glutinous rice Kueh,  Steamed Pumpkin Cake

Steamed Pumpkin and Garlic Chives Kueh:
I adapted the dough recipe from my earlier soon kueh recipe for making this kueh.  Same amount of flour used, add in 100g mashed pumpkin and reduce hot boiling water to 550ml.  To ensure that the dough is not too wet & sticky (since the mashed pumpkin may contain too much moisture during steaming), add in 500ml boiling water first, then gradually add in the remaining water to form a dough (may not use all the water).  The method is the same as the soon kueh.  As for the fillings, I have used garlic chives (韭菜), shredded pumpkin, fried tofu, fried egg, dried shrimps and minced ginger.

Steamed Pumpkin Glutinous rice kueh has almost the same ingredients as the above Pan Fry Pumpkin Kueh, except with the addition of yeast and a higher amount of liquid used.  

Steamed Pumpkin Cake, along with Steamed Yam Cake and Steamed Radish Cake, have always been my favourite morning or afternoon snack.  

Have a great weekend and perhaps you would like to try making some of these Chinese snacks?


  1. All your golden snack looks so good and yummy.

    1. thanks xing hui. Yes, pumpkin lends its beautiful colour to all these pumpkin snacks. Plus, it's healthy and delicious too :)


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