Monday, May 27, 2013

Birthday Party

We had a birthday party at home over the weekend.  As usual, planning and preparation started a few days back.  This year, I planned for an Asian-themed menu:

Main dish:  
Braised Pork Knuckle with Chinese leaf buns (kong bak pau)
Stir Fry Korean Sweet Potato Noodle
Malay Lontong (Mixed vegetable curry with rice cakes)


Side dish:
Kueh Pie Tee (Vegetable stew served in mini biscuit cups)
Prawn Toast
Nyonya Acar


Cheng Teng
Coconut Corn Pudding (not shown in pics)


Birthday cake - 2- tier Yam Mousse Cake

My favorite dish for the day is the braised pork knuckle.  The meat is tender, moist and juicy.  I cooked this with a slow cooker.  Very easy and almost fuss free.  Will share the recipe of this juicy braised pork knuckle in later posts.

My second favorite dish is the cheng teng.  A sweet dessert soup and the main ingredients used are:  dried longan, lotus seeds and snow fungus.  I love to add some dried orange peel (吉饼) and a teaspoon of osmanthus flower to this soup.

I prepared the Nyonya Acar a few days back to ensure the flavour is well developed.  The lontong was bought from a Malay foodstall.  

Along with the Asian food theme, the birthday cake is a 2-tier Yam Mousse Cake.  Honestly, I was a little disappointed with the decoration.  The vertical stripes on the cake were not well-piped.  I made a few mistakes.  First, I whisked in too many tiny air bubbles while mixing the colouring into the cream.  The cream is a little thick and could be better if I had added a little more milk to it.  

Looks aside, taste-wise, the cake is very soft and the yam mousse filling is really good.  


  1. A perfect spread for the birthday party. Your yam mousse cake looks so pretty too!

    1. Thanks Ann. I like the taste and texture of the cake. Honestly, I thick much better than outside cakes. But then, the deco bits need to improve.

  2. hi,,u r a great cook and baker,,n my all time
    favourite food blog,,
    btw,,may i know ,,,do u bake for sale,,,
    love to order from u,pls let me know,thanks--

    1. Hi Natasha, thanks for your encouraging words and visiting my blog! I'm only a home-baker and cooks/bakes on a small scale basis for friends and family. I will not be able to handle big items or large quantities.

  3. God Bless the birthday boy/girl. What a delicious spread and love that yam mousse cake!


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