Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Dinner - 元宵节

Hopes everyone had a good Chinese New Year celebration.  Yesterday marks the end of the Lunar New Year festive and I prepared a 5-plus-1 weekend dinner menu for my family:

 - Apple, Corn and Pork Ribs Soup with Honey Dates and Dried Figs
 - Chinese Long Cabbage braised with Mushroom, Dried Scallops and Imitation Abalone
 - Blanched Pea Sprouts with Egg White and Crab Meat Sauce
 - Steamed Salmon Belly with Tofu in Miso Ginger Sauce
 - Fried Meat Rolls, Ngoh Hiang
 - Braised Roast Pork with Yam, with Fermented Red Bean Curd Sauce and Bean Paste

This is a very typical Chinese dinner menu.  With a little planning ahead, you can also serve this meal at ease. Where possible, include braised, stewed, boiled and steamed dishes in your menu.  For braised or stewed dishes, you can cook them in advance and simply warm up the food before serving.  Steamed dishes (usually the last dish to be cooked) such as steamed fish or meat can be done concurrently while you are laying out your cutleries, scooping the rice etc.  Limit deep-fried and stir fry dishes to one or two, as these dishes typically takes time and  can only be cooked just before meal times.  I hate clutter at the kitchen top and sink during cooking.  Where possible, have someone to help to clear and wash the dishes while you are busy at the stove.  It really helps to speed things up!

With the increasing cost of eating out at restaurants during festive occasions, not forgetting the crowds, long waiting time, traffic jams and parking woes, why not try cooking at home?  

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  1. Wow Fong! What a feast! I'm sure the family must have enjoyed the dinner very very much!


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