Friday, February 22, 2013

Post CNY dish: Pineapple Rice and Fruit Salad

I do not usually buy a whole pineapple, as I find it too troublesome to peel the tough skin.  But during the Chinese New Year period, I will specially get a whole unripe pineapple for auspicious reason 旺旺!  And now it's time to make good use of my super-ripe pineapple for making pineapple rice.  I pictured in my mind that a fruity seafood salad will be perfect to go with the pineapple rice.

Lots of colourful fruits for dinner

I had a few frozen scallops from an opened packet, a handful of frozen prawns and some imitation crab meat chunks.  Just enough for the salad!  I love colours in my food, so I will usually include a colourful range of fruits and vegetables.  Throw in a few strawberries, one kiwi fruit, half a mandarin orange, some pineapple chunks and some melon balls.  I have also added half a cucumber for extra crunch.  You can also use canned fruits, like peaches and lychee. 

To prepare Fruity Seafood Salad:
(serves 3 to 4 as a side dish)

A few scallops, sliced into half horizontally
A few imitation crab meat, lightly blanched in hot water
Fruits of your choice
Half cucumber, remove seeds and cut into small cubes
Mint leaves, rolled and thinly cut - 1 to 2 tbsp
1 to 2 tbsp Kwepie Mentaiko dressing (or your preferred salad dressing)

1) Add a pinch of salt and pepper to the scallops.  Heat a frying pan on high heat, add very little oil and pan fry the scallops on both sides for about a minute.  Remove scallops from the pan and set aside.

2) Shred the imitation crab meat into chunks.

3) Combine all fruits together, add in the mint leaves and toss with salad dressing.  Add in the shredded imitation crab meat (reserved a few for garnish) and mix well.  

4) Serve salad on plate and place the pan fried scallops on top.

The method for preparing pineapple fried rice can be found here.  The main changes that I did was to replace plain white rice with brown rice, having prawns instead of chicken and garnished with toasted almond flakes instead of roasted cashew nuts.  So long you can cook fried rice, preparing this is really easy.  


  1. Hi Fong, Happy Chinese New Year, quite awhile I haven't been posting comments cos' rather busy. Delicious salad here.

    1. Happy Lunar New Year to you, Kimmy! ha.. just in time to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. Yes, Chinese New Year is always a busy time for all, which partly explains why I did not have much updates recently.


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