Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Soy Milk HL Soup

Here another post on one-dish soupy meal - Soy Milk HL Soup.  HL stands for high in calcium/protein and low in fats.

I learnt to make this soup from the TV programme, Dietary Errors 《饮食误区》.  What is so special about this soup is that soy milk is used as the soup base!  Initially, I was quite skeptical of the taste for this soup when I watched it on TV.  After years of drinking soy milk that is slightly sweetened, my mindset is such that soy milk should be sweet.  How would a savory soy milk taste?  To play safe, I cooked this soup using one part soy milk to one part home made stock (about 1 cup each).  Strangely, I did not taste any strong soy bean taste after cooking it with other ingredients.  And the good thing is: the soy milk makes the soup tastes richer and smoother.  It is delicious!   Next time, I shall try with 3 parts soy milk to 1 part homemade stock :)

Since this is a one-dish meal, I added fresh Chinese yam (淮山) as carbo-replacement.   Chinese yam is low in fats and high in fiber, making this the perfect food if you are on diet.  I added chicken breast milk, tofu and an egg for proteins.  For nice colours, I added a tablespoon of Chinese wolfberries, which by the way, is good for our eyes too.  

Ingredients used:
(serves 2)

Small portion of Chinese yam (淮山)  , cut into cubes
1 tomato, cut into chunks
2 to 3 Chinese mushrooms, cut into thin slices (reserved liquid for soup)
1 tbsp Chinese wolfberries (soak briefly in warm water)
1 piece of chicken breast, cut into small cubes
1/2 box of silken tofu, cut into small cubes
1 cup of unsweetened soy milk
1 cup of home made stock
1 egg, lightly beaten
Some chopped parsley

1) Bring the stock and mushroom water to gentle boil.  Add in Chinese yam, tomato and mushroom.  Cook for a few minutes to soften the Chinese yam and to bring out the flavour of the mushroom.
2) Add in Chinese wolfberries, chicken breast and cook for another minute.
3) Add in tofu and soy milk.  Season with salt/pepper to taste.
4) Bring to boil and pour in the beaten egg.  Sprinkle chopped parsley and serve immediately.


  1. Good try! I wonder how's savoury soy milk taste and never tried it before. Are they the same taste as ýellow bean'soup?'

    1. Hi Stephanie, this soup does not taste like yellow bean soup. It is more like sliced fish bee hoon soup where you added milk to it.

    2. looks healthy and delicious!


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