Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lunch for Little One

Time flies.  Last year around this time, I was busy preparing (myself and) my little one for her primary school.  School orientation, buy new books, uniform, stationeries etc.  One new activity also popped up in my mind - I need to prepare lunch for my little one.  Previously, lunch is provided for in her preschool.  

Like a first-time excited mum to her newborn baby, I went online and bought books to check out the beautiful kids lunch boxes and bentos.  OH... I can cook this, this and this!!!  Ha...well, as usual, I'm simply too lazy to try out any of the cute-looking lunches.  I love to cook, but I simply cannot "tahan" spending hours to beautify the lunch box.  Moreover, after spending so long on "touching up" the food, won't they turn cold?  Sorry dear, no cute bears or smiley face sandwiches for you, instead, here are some of the lunches that mum had prepared for you (and myself).

Stir-Fry Udon, Shredded Chicken & Beans Salad, Tofu Miso Soup and Ham & Bean Rolls.

Pan-Fried Pork Collar Steak with Japanese Curry

Garlic Mushroom Baked Potato with Grilled Taiwan Sausage and Steamed Vegetables

Mixed Seafood Tempura with Cha Soba and Chawanmushi

Chicken & Pumpkin Gyoza with Chinese Yam Soup

Fried Rice with "Special Satay"

Ipoh hor-fun with Soy Sauce Chicken Wing, Tofu and Blanched Beansprouts

Meatballs in Creamy Tomato Sauce, Potato & Leek Soup, Steamed Broccoli

Minced Meat Stew with Braised Egg, Tofu and Blanched Vegetable


  1. Your little one is so blessed! Every meal is thoughtfully planned and prepared with love!

    1. Thanks Wendy. Hee... actually the truth is... I just prepared with whatever I had available or leftover. Like fried rice, I had extra cooked rice the night before. A handful of gyoza wrappers left, so took a piece of chicken breast and a small chunk of pumpkin. If no ideas that day, then we have our lunch outside. And once a week, we treat ourselves to fast food ;)

  2. Hi Fong, if these are your 'chin chye' food for lunch, I can't imagine how good the opposite is going to be. You are not only thoughtful but the best part is you act on your thoughts too. It's an inspiration.

    1. Not exactly "chin chye" lunch cos my chin chye lunch/snack will be a bowl of instant noodles! Just that I don't specially go to buy the ingredients or plan what to cook for lunch. I try to go as fuss-free as possible.

  3. Hi, thanks for gal will be started primary one next u mentioned I have to start preparing for her school uniform, orientation and etc..I wish to beautify her lunch box but it is really time consuming..simple food is more convenient. I was like u last time when she wan horned I googled online for puree food bought baby cook books. This is how mother sacrifice..haha

  4. all look yummy and healthy!
    love the combos :)

  5. I want to eat this everyday...
    so yummy...

    FRom Olivia

  6. I wanna be your little one :) This is so creative yet mouth watering!!


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