Monday, October 29, 2012

Cinderella Fondant Cake

This Cinderella cake is for my neighbour's little girl, who is celebrating her fourth birthday today.  We always called her, mei mei,  as she is the youngest in her family.  mei mei is a sweet and petite little girl.  She can really melt your heart with her bright lovely eyes and naturally wavy hair.  When she was around 2 years old, she looked just like a doll, running about with her rag doll and precious pillow.  

This is my second princess fondant cake.   With the experience of making my first princess fondant cake, this cake is comparatively easier to handle.  But, I am still pretty nervous when comes to fondant cake.  The rolling part is fine, but when comes to covering the fragile fondant over the cake and the finishing touch, it's still pretty much of a trial and error attempt.  

For the cake itself, it is a combination of vanilla butter cake with mixed berries butter cream.  If you noticed the "hole" in the centre of the cake, yes, that's where I will slide the doll in.  If you intend to make your doll cake, here are briefly the preparation steps:

1) Bake the cakes, preferably one day ahead.  Freshly baked cakes are soft and not so easy to handle.  Given the weight of fondant, cream and layer of cakes, I prefer butter cakes to sponge cake.

2) Prepare your butter cream fillings in advance and keep chill in the fridge.  To use, remove butter cream from fridge, let it rest at room temperature.  Beat to smooth again before spreading in between cake layers.

3) Get ready your fondant (store-bought or home-made) and prepare the required amount in their various colours.  Wrap the fondant with plastic wraps till ready for use.  If making fondant flowers, ribbons, bows etc, make them a few days in advance, so that they will dry up and stay in shape.

4) Slice the cake, apply cream between layers.  Place in fridge to chill for about 30 minutes for the butter cream to set.  Remove, trim the cake to shape like a gown.  Then apply a thin layer of butter cream all over the cake (this will act as the glue to hold the fondant in place).  Chill in fridge again for about 30 minutes.
[Note:  To make trimming easier, I stack the cakes from biggest to smallest rounds]

5) Roll out your fondant (remember to dust with icing sugar frequently to prevent sticking) and wrap the fondant around the cake.  For our wet and humid weather, it is easier to work your fondant in air-conditioned room. 

Happy Birthday, mei mei.  Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your birthday!  


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Cinderella! These comments were made by the little angels in mei mei's class. They were mesmerised by the beautifully-made fondant cake. This cake was very well-received.

    Thanks to u, Fong! For making such a beautiful 3-D cake for my daughter and made her feel like a little princess on this unforgettable day! She loves it very much!

    With lots of thanks,

    1. So happy that the children love this cake. I have always wanted to get something for her birthday, and this is a real good opportunity to give her something that she likes and something that I enjoy doing. hmmm.... any cake in mind for gor-gor and di-di?

  2. Hi,

    How do I make the mixed berries buttercream? If I wan strawberry buttercream, can I just add strawberry purée to it?

  3. You need to cook the berries into a compote or jam like mixture, cool completely before adding to plain butter cream


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