Friday, September 14, 2012

Sliced Fish Porridge


I love to have soupy food for lunch.  Noodle soup, porridge, yong tau foo etc.  Once or twice a week, I will prepare long-simmering soup (煲汤) at home.  I simply love soups.

This sliced fish porridge is more Teochew style than my usual Canto way of cooking thick porridge or congee.  The sliced fish is lightly marinated with a little salt and shallot oil.  I used soy beans and ikan bilis to prepare the stock.  If you have 扁鱼干 (dried fish?), it will make a tastier stock.  

Preparation is very simple.  You can either use cooked rice or boil the rice grains in the stock till soft.  If using cooked rice, bring the stock to boil.  Over high heat, add in cooked rice and tomato.  Cook for a minute or less.  When the porridge starts to boil again, add in the marinated sliced fish and lettuce.  Stir and remove from heat. 


  1. Hi Fong, again a lovely porridge which my hubby and myself always love to have especially when the fish is from his 'hard labour' [fishing trip]. I had this over the weekend but didn't post the recipe thinking it was nothing to shot about, hehehe. I'll do it next time.

  2. wow fishing trip, you must have enjoyed the very fresh fish!

  3. hi Fong, this is better than those sold outside! :)


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