Monday, September 3, 2012

My Weekend Dinner

Here's another of my weekend dinner.  If you have read my other 3 plus 1 menus over here, you will probably noticed a certain pattern in my weekend cooking.  First, there will be a soup (a must for Cantonese family).  There will be at least one vegetable dish (or primarily vegetable in the dish), a steamed dish - usually fish plus another one or two stir-fry dish(es).  Put it simply, I try to include fish, meat, more vegetable and a soup in the dinner and where possible, use different cooking methods.

For this 4 plus 1 weekend menu (serves 8 to 10)

Pumpkin Chicken Soup
Soy Sauce Braised Chicken Wings, served with Shanghai Green
Sweet & Sour Pork
Steamed Fish with Garlic Bean Paste Sauce
Stir Fry Vegetable with Bacon Bits

Pumpkin Chicken Soup
Preparation is similar to ABC soup.  And since this is pumpkin soup, I used quite a big chunk of pumpkin, one carrot, one tomato and chicken bones/breast meat for this soup.  

Soy Sauce Braised Chicken Wings
I like to include a braised or stewed dish in weekend cooking.  The dish can be prepared in advance and helps to cut down last minute cooking.

You will need:
10 mid-joint wings (or other chicken parts)

Combine sauce:
3 to 4 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
2 tbsp cooking wine
2 tsp sugar (or more to taste)
4 to 5 tbsp water

(a) 3 slices ginger + few cloves garlic + 3 shallots, sliced
(b) 1 star anise + 1 clove + 1 bay leave

1) Heat up a little cooking oil and add in (a).
2) Pour in combine sauce and add in the chicken wings.
3) Add more water to cover the chicken wings. Add (b).  Bring to boil.
4) Simmer on low heat for about 10 minutes.  Turn off heat and let the chicken wings immersed in the sauce.
5) When it's time to serve, remove the ingredients (a) and (b) from the sauce.
6) Bring the chicken wings and sauce to boil again.  Pour out some of the gravy (use it for stir-frying or for noodles).  Thicken the remaining sauce with cornstarch solution.
7) Arrange chicken wings in the middle and add blanched vegetable at the side.  Pour gravy over.

Sweet & Sour Pork
This dish is not difficult to prepare at home, so long you do not mind doing some deep-frying.  The final step is basically using quick stir-fry method (快炒)to combine the ingredients and flavour together.  The key to this dish is high heat.  Recipe over here.

Steamed Fish with Garlic Bean Paste Sauce
I love garlic and I used a combination of lightly-fried chopped garlic and raw chopped garlic in this dish.  And LOTS of garlic.  Using the hot oil that I used to fry the chopped garlic, I poured the hot oil over the prepared combined sauce.  Detailed recipe is  here.

Stir Fry Vegetable with Bacon Bits
I like to use a variety of vegetables.  For this simple stir-fry, I have celery, carrot, breech mushrooms, water chestnut and baby corn. When planning which vegetables to use, I usually go by the colours and include at least 3 to 4 colours in a dish.


  1. 你家的餐单永远都那么吸引人:)

  2. Hi Fong, your family are so lucky. The good food definitely develops the strong bonding of the family.

  3. 鲸鱼:谢谢。。就是配足三菜一汤。有菜有鱼有肉。 天天玩 masak masak

    Kimmy: Yes, I truly believe that family meals help develops family bonding and to learn values like respect and sharing. Nowadays, I see many children (adults included) play handphones/ipad/gadgets while having family meals outside. This is not proper and ill-mannered. Family meal is a time for everyone to share and catch up with each other.

  4. Hi Fong, you are right. My family have 2 meals together daily [breakfast and dinner]. I don't keep snacks or leave food on the table after meals. Was wondering actually what went wrong with old practices? Is this the price we pay for modernisation or are people trying to show that they too are 'learned' with new electronic gadgets? Keep up the good work...Thumbs up for you.

  5. Hi Fong, Thank you for sharing your menus. It's really gives me and helps me with the ideas for what to cook for my families. Must said that most of the recipes that I tried from your blog were really yummy.

    Well done Fong!



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