Friday, September 28, 2012

Colourful Snowskin Mooncake

Strawberry snowskin with cranberry lotus filling

The last time I made snowskin mooncakes was several years back.  Just one attempt and I never make it again till now. No doubt, snowskin mooncake is pretty to look at and allows for more creativity, compared to traditional mooncake.  But taste wise, I prefer traditional mooncake.  Nevertheless, here I am with my colourful snowskin mooncakes:

Colourful snowskin mooncakes

Strawberry Snowskin with Cranberry Lotus Paste
The snowskin is made with homemade strawberry compote.  I soaked some dried cranberries in orange liquer, chopped and combined with lotus paste for the filling.  The sourness from the strawberry compote and cranberries help to balance out the sweetness in the lotus paste.

Honey Citron Snowskin with Red Bean Paste & Melon Seeds
I used a combination of orange zest, orange liquer and Korean citron tea to prepare the snowskin.  Each bite is filled with lovely citrus aroma.  Orange goes well with red bean, so I used red bean paste and melon seeds as the filling.

Green Tea Snowskin with Red Bean Paste & Melon Seeds
I was deciding between green tea or pandan flavour to go with the red bean paste.  At the end, I used green tea baking powder for the snowskin, but I find the flavour is too mild.

Coffee Snowskin with Sea Salt Chocolate Truffle Lotus Paste
I used the popular Vietnam G7 instant coffee powder for the snowskin, with a few drops of coffee emulco to enhance the flavour.    But my chocolate truffles are way too hard.  I wanted to add dairy cream to achieve the soft chocolate texture, but was concerned whether the truffle will stay good for a week in the fridge.  

To make Snowskin Mooncake:
(makes about 9 to 10 mini snowskin)

50g snowskin premix (I get from Phoon Huat)
50g cooked glutinous rice flour (Kou flour)
50g icing sugar
40g shortening (I used Crisco shortening)
70 - 80ml cold water*
Few drops of food colouring (add into the water)

* Depending on the flavour, I replaced part of the water with coffee, green tea, strawberry compote or honey citron.

1) Combine premix, flour, icing sugar and shortening.  Rub shortening into mixture till it looks like fine breadcrumbs.

2) Add water and colouring to the mixture till it form a soft dough.  Let it rest for about 15 minutes.

3) Divide dough and fillings into small parts.  For my mould of 63g capacity, I used about 21g dough to 42g filling.  Flatten dough slightly and wrap the filling with dough.

4) Dust the mooncake with the cooked rice flour and place into mould.  Press to shape the mooncake.

5) Keep in airtight container and keep chill in fridge.

Mooncakes for friends and relatives

1) The snowskin is soft and easy to handle.  It stays soft (does not crack or dries up) when kept in the fridge for several days.

2) I still do not like the taste of snowskin.  But at least adding stronger flavours, like orange zests and strawberry, do help to "cover up" the flour taste.  


  1. Good morning,
    So lovely mooncakes. I have not try making these yet- with your tips, maybe will try next year haha
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Try it... making mooncakes does add to the fun of the festive!

  2. Hi Fong, I don't really like to eat mooncakes but I definitely love to look at it inside out. Lovely colours and you displayed your mooncakes so elegantly.

    1. Me too. I just had a little for the fun of mooncake festival

  3. I love to make mooncakes but don't eat much. Your colorful mooncakes look very pretty:) Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

    1. Same here, Ann. I made and quickly distribute them. Happy Mid-Autumn!


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