Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cherry Oreo Cheesecake

I have a can of cherry pie filling which I bought a few months back ... out of curiosity.  I have tried dark sweet cherries in syrup before (those for making black forest cake), blueberries and strawberries jam fillings (which I never buy again after learning how to make my own jam fillings).  Cherry pie filling?  No harm trying.  These look like sour cherries, so can't go wrong with dessert.

We have heard of how the net weight of canned food can't be trusted, especially with canned abalone, where the can was filled up with more brine to increase the weight.  When I opened up my can of cherry pie filling, I  was reminded of the same thing... like the canned abalone!  I see more thickened syrup than cherries in the can.  So, I ended up spooning the cherries into a bowl first, before I could use them to top my cheesecake.

I did not keep a detailed recipe for this cheesecake.  But recipe and preparation is similar to here.  I used an adjustable cake ring (approximately 7").  Instead of digestive biscuits, I used a combination of Oreo cookies and digestive biscuits for the base.  I have also added some coarsely crushed Oreo cookies as filling in the cheesecake.  Chill the cheesecake in the freezer section to set, then top up with the cherry pie filling.  Chill again in the freezer for a few hours or overnight.  


  1. The way the syrup runs down the side of the cheesecake is enough to make me go crazy! How I wish to have a slice of it right now..

  2. Hi, i am so drooling over the computer now-your cheesecake looks so devine! may i know if the cherries were sweet and which brand of tinned cherries did you buy?

  3. i'm just thinking how delicious the cherry would go with the slightly tangy cheesecake and oreo base. yummy!!

  4. Experimental Cook: I really like the contrasting colour combination, with the syrup running down to the cheesecake layer.

    Lara: Yes, the cherries were sweet, or perhaps they became sweet cos were soaked in the syrup? Can't remember which brand, I bought it from NTUC.

    Janine: I prefer a bit more tangy fillings on top. While the red cherries look really good on picture, I prefer the taste of fresh cherries.

    Cathy: Come visit my page regularly for a slice :)

  5. hhhmmm yum! its been awhile since the last time i had this sinful indulgence :)
    yours literally made me drooling :)


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