Friday, August 24, 2012

Blueberries Cream Cake

We celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday last month.  I was deciding between baking her a Pandan Kaya Cake or this Blueberries Cream Cake for her birthday.  My mother-in-law prefers lighter cakes.  Actually, I think her favorite is Pandan Kaya Cake as it contains no "cream" (as in whipped cream) in between the cake layers.  But in  fact, coconut milk or cream is used for making the filling, so how much healthier can it be.... plus considering the amount of sugar you need to add into making the kaya filling.  So, I opt for the latter - Blueberries Cream Cake with homemade blueberries filling.  

Preparation for this cake is similar to here, except that this is a smaller 8" cake and the filling is dairy whipping cream, instead of the non-dairy cream that I used during the cake decorating class.  My preference is to use dairy whipping cream as the taste is better and the texture lighter.  

Here is a cross-sectional view of the cake.  This is the best shot that I managed as the place was not well-lighted.

The sponge layer is feather light and soft, and paired very well with the light whipped cream and blueberries filling.  The surrounding sponge fingers serves two purposes -  as a cake decoration and more importantly, they help to hold the cake together.  As the sponge layers are very light and I have piled on layers of fillings and fruits on top, the cake may not keep its shape well without extra support from the sponge fingers.   

Sponge Fingers ready for baking ...

My mother-in-law likes this cake very much, despite that it has whipped cream in it.  The light sponge, blueberries filling and fruits blend in nicely together, such that you do not have the usual "rich & greasy" aftertaste from whipped cream.   

Baking your own birthday cakes are not only cheaper, but you are fully aware of what's went into making your cakes.  Most birthday cakes sold outside contain cake stabiliser or emulsifier to achieve that super fine texture.  For home-baking, as it is done on a small scale, we can achieve the same soft texture with proper cake handling.  It's chemical- free, just well-whisked eggs and the correct technique.  


As I am writing this, I noticed that Richard Goh's Cake Making Stage 1 is going to commence at Nee Soon Central CC from 15 September to 10 November 2012 (Sat) from 2.30 to 5.30pm (Closing date: 8 Sep).  I attended all his cake making stages, except for Stage 4.  There are 5 cake-making stages (demo basis) and 1 cake decoration stage (hands-on).  Although the cake-making stages are all demo-basis, I find them much more informational and structured than most one-time hands-on workshops that I have attended.  Cake making is a skill and for learning to take place, there must be continuous reinforcement.  For one-time hands-on workshop, the problem is you must have the discipline to practise at home.  Failure to do so, you are unlikely to remember much even though they are "hands-on".  For Richard's classes, as there are 8 lessons in each stage, you will surely pick up the skills at some point in time, after looking at how he does it over and over again.  Of course, you still need to practise at home to master the skills.  But since we have lessons every week, we are quite motivated to try out the recipes.  We have classmates bringing their failed sponge cakes to class.  Ha... and Richard gladly taste all to give feedback and offer possible reasons for the failed attempts.  In this way, we know our mistakes and learnt from each other.  



  1. I agree with you and enjoy in his baking class. I joined from stage 3 onwards. Your piping skills really good and love all your cakes' design too :)

  2. Hi DG, so we are "classmates"! Still have to improve on my piping skills, especially when I do not pipe so often. Till now, I am not satisfied with creaming a cake cos it's never smooth! Right now, my cake have very traditional and basic designs. Hopefully, one day, I can create a modern-design looking cake too.

  3. So thoughtful of you to bake your MIL the right type of birthday cake. I am starting to learn how to bake, with more failures and a handful of success :) Thanks for sharing this - another new recipe to try.

  4. Oh, you have made this cake look better than store-bought, well done Fong!

  5. Esther: My MIL cooks nice food for us to eat :) and I bake for her. We all been through the initial baking stage of trial and errors. Just keep going and we will get better.

  6. oh so elegant looking and looks so yummy!

  7. i like this blog.


  8. Wow! Really admire you for being such a great daughter in law:D Nice pictures!

  9. Absolutely divine,, can't wait to try


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