Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blanched Dou Miao with Crab Meat

My recent cooking has been much healthier and towards light and simple style.  Instead of stir-frying my vegetables, I blanched it.  Instead of pan-frying, I steamed.  I made an effort to include more fish and vegetables in my cooking, and reduce the consumption of meat and poultry.  I still eat my roast pork rice, roti prata and char kway teow.  But, I will try to balance up or "compensate" with healthier home-cooked meals.  Probably, my weakest link in healthy cooking and eating is dessert - cakes, tarts....  all these which I love to create at home.  

I get my idea for this dish from Din Tai Fung's 豆苗虾仁 (Stir Fried Dou Miao with Shrimps).  Two things I like about Din's dou miao with shrimps: (1)  The dish is nicely presented - beautiful red prawns sitting on a bed of bright green dou miao  (2)  The prawns are fresh and crunchy.  But, I find there's something missing in the dish.  The flavours of the dou miao and prawns are separate from each other.  While the prawns are tasty, I find the dou miao too bland for my liking.  When you do a stir fry, you try to balance and combine the flavours of the ingredients together to create a tasty dish.  Din's version is as if you ordered a plate of dou miao and a plate of prawns, and put them nicely together.  No wonder the dish is so costly too, cos it is effectively a 2-in-1 dish!  

A packet of dou miao
Crab leg meat (I used frozen pack)
Few slices of ginger
Cooking wine
An egg white, beaten
A little shallot oil

1) Bring a pot of water to boil (or use a wok).  Add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of cooking oil into the water (these help to keep the dou miao bright and green).  Blanch the dou miao in the water for about a minute or less.  Remove the dou miao and drain away excess water. 

2) Heat up a little cooking oil and add in the ginger slices.  Add the crab leg meat and stir fry very briefly.  Add a dash of cooking wine, follow by some stock.  Bring to boil and add salt to taste. 

3) Thicken the gravy with a little cornstarch solution.  Add in the beaten egg white and turn off the heat. Add a little shallot oil to the gravy.

4) Arrange the blanched dou miao on a serving plate and pour the gravy over.

As the dou miao is only lightly-blanched, it remains crisp and is well-flavoured by the combined gravy of ginger, cooking wine and crab meat.  

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  1. This is a very beautiful dish with simple ingredients that I love. Looks so delicious!


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