Friday, June 15, 2012

Fong on Holiday

It was a good holiday and a temporary escape from the hot weather here.  Right after planning and celebrating my little girl and hubby birthdays, I was busy reading up on Lonely Planet, trip advisor for our rather impromptu holiday plan to Australia.  My hubby suggested going to Australia and within two weeks, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House were right in front of us!  

Here are some of the pictures taken during our trip:

Took a midnight flight from Singapore to Sydney.

Paranomic view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Our walk at Darling Harbour

Day 2 to Paddy Market (no available pics), Chinatown and catch Amei concert.

Catch 张惠妹 concert at Sydney Entertainment Centre

Day 3:  Book a one-day tour to the Blue Mountain.

A not-so-blue mountain due to bad weather

Took a domestic flight to Adelaide and started our self-drive to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road.

Our best accommodation so far, in a quiet town, Robe.  Spacious room with a superb lake view.

Lots of seagull (or rather hungry seagulls!) throughout our journey along the coastal drive

Stop by another quiet town, Portland.  

A man fishing in the freezing cold morning.  He wanted to give some fish to his neighbour, who had given him some onions earlier.  "You wanna some apples for exchange ^_^ "

Emu, a native bird to Australia

Our rented Hyundai for our road trip

The famous scenic spot along the Great Ocean Road

We finally reached Melbourne and to my favorite shopping place - Queen Victoria Market.  We choose to stay near the market for easy shopping (just behind our accommodation and a 3-mins walk).

We spent the whole morning shopping (I meant window-shopping) in the market

There's a wide selection of deli and takeaway food in the market.  Lots of interesting stuff to see and to eat

Melbourne city centre.  Easily accessible by the free city tram

Evening stroll along the Yarra River (Crown Casino).  Very quiet cos it's freezing cold!

Feeding a wallaby at the Philip Island

Shhh... somebody is sleeping

And what's travelling without yummy food?

Seafood dinner at the Blue Fish (Darling Harbour).  Must order:  fried calamari

Brunch at Sydney's Fish Market.  The fresh oyster is good.

Rhubarb and apple crumble pie (Darling Harbour).  oh... I fell in love with rhubarb!

The Aussie are really good with their pies.  Here is our beef pie with side salad (Blue Mountain)

Our best seafood dinner in Australia.  Seafood Platter at The Sail (Robe, Southern Ausralia).

Juicy flavourful steak with prawn sauce

Fish and prawn stew with rice

Rhubarb muffin with latte - late morning snack

Baked eggs with eggplant and spinach.  A good breakfast alternative to bacon and sausages

Ribeye steak with roasted vegetables

Gnocchi in tomato sauce

Things are rather expensive in Australia.  A meal in the restaurant (without wine) easily costs us from A$60 upwards.  A night accommodation (budget) costs around A$100 to A$130.  To balance our travel budget, we made our own sandwiches for breakfast and sometimes for lunch too.  Takeaway snacks from bakeries is a more affordable option than dining at a restaurant.  For instance, a shepherd pie costs A$7 for takeaway (at a small eatery at Queen Victoria Market), but costs A$12.50 for dine-in, served with a small portion of side salad.

Our DIY sandwiches:

Thai curry tuna filling with toasted foccasia, plus 3-in-1 cappuccino, served by Fong

A loaf of sandwich bread at Coles costs A$1.50 and covered two of our breakfasts and one lunch :)  We bought a tub of cream cheese, a block of pate and five small cans of tuna fish spread.  By the way, I love shopping at Coles.

Wanna try potato chips with cream cheese sandwich?

What a "fruitful trip" we had in Australia!  Ha... we love these Pink Lady Apples and we bought back a whole box!


  1. Wow!!The pictures are so picturesque. The meals look so delicious and tempting. Theresa

  2. wow! look at those meals in the pics! awesome!
    i always love OZ pies...yum!

  3. If I had known you'll be here, I'd take you to 'yum cha', dim sum in Oz is very very good as the chefs were migrants from HK. - natasya (melbourne)

  4. ha... yes, I miss the food.
    Thanks Natasya for your kind thoughts ;)


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