Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chocolate Cherry Tart

This is again one of my trial and error baking attempts.  

Last Sunday, I was doing a quick shopping at JCube, near Jurong East MRT (you can read more about JCube and its indoor ice-skating rink at Cuisine Paradise).  As usual, all my shopping end with making a trip to the basement supermarket.  Even if I don't buy anything, just feel good by looking at the fresh fruits and vegetables.  That's what I thought, just window-shopping.  But, did you notice that supermarkets always display their freshest fruits at the entrance to entice you to step in and buy?  I was hooked right at the entrance at Cold Storage!  Plump, fresh and juicy dark red cherries were on sale!  My little gal loves dark cherries (ok, that's an excuse for me to buy) and so I bought a kilo of these lovely cherries home.  These cherries are very sweet, juicy and full of flavour!

This tart has a few components:
 - the chocolate biscuit base
 - chocolate ganache
 - thin chocolate sponge
 - dairy whipped cream with cherry sauce 
 - fresh pitted cherries
 - chocolate shavings and drizzle

Chocolate Tart Base (8" round tart pan)
170g plain flour, 10g cocoa powder, 90g butter, 1 tbsp fine sugar, 1 egg yolk, 2 to 3 tbsp water

1) Using the rubbing-in method, combine the flour, cocoa powder, sugar and butter.  Then add in the egg yolk and water to form a dough.  
2) Chill the dough in fridge briefly for easy handling.  Roll out the dough to fit the tart pan.  
3) Blind bake in preheated oven of 180C for about 15 minutes.  Remove baking paper/beans etc and bake again for about 20 minutes.  Remove and cool completely.

Chocolate Ganache
150g dark chocolate, 100g dairy cream 

Heat dairy cream till hot and pour over dark chocolate.  Stir till chocolate melts completely.
1) Can increase cream to 120g for a softer chocolate texture.
2) Can add 1 to 2 tbsp rum or liquor to the chocolate ganache.

Thin Chocolate Sponge (optional)
For me, the chocolate sponge serves two purposes.  One, to cut down on the whipped cream needed.  Two, to give a different texture to the tart.  If you are a cream-lover, the sponge is really optional.

Dairy Whipped Cream with Cherry Sauce
150g dairy whipping cream, 1 to 2 tbsp icing sugar, 1 tsp gelatin + 2 tbsp water (to melt the gelatin)
2 to 3 tbsp cooked cherries jam/sauce or juice from canned cherries

Whisk the cream and icing sugar till soft peak, add in dissolved gelatin and cherries jam.  Continue to whisk till firm.  Keep chill in fridge till ready to use.
I did not use cherry sauce/jam for the whipped cream.  I have about 3 tbsp rhubarb jam to be cleared, so I use that instead.

Fresh pitted cherries
You need to pit the cherries (i.e. remove the seeds) before placing them on the tart.  You can check online for how to pit a fresh cherry.  For me, it's a low cost method of using a wooden chopstick.  Remove the stem, aim at the point (where the stem was) and poke the chopstick through.  The seed will come out at the other end.  It seems difficult at the beginning.  Practice makes perfect!  Alternatively, buy canned dark cherries.  

To assemble:

1) Spread chocolate ganache on baked tart shell (reserved a little ganache for decoration)
2) Place chocolate sponge in the middle of the tart and press down gently
3) Spread whipped cream evenly on the tart.
4) Press the pitted cherries into the cream.
5) Decorate with chocolate shavings and drizzle ganache over the tart.

1) For stronger cherry flavour as well as better visual presentation, serve with chocolate cherry sauce glaze.
2) Chill the tart for a few hours or overnight in fridge, remove and rest for 10 to 15 minutes before serving.  The tart tastes better after overnight in the fridge, than freshly baked and assembled ;)


  1. Looks absolutely delicious! I would so love to try some. I love a good chocolate tart and yours looks amazing.

  2. This tart looks delectably pretty ! Love cherries ! We're just lucky around here in HK , few months ago , there were loads of cheap and gorgeous cherries and now here they are again ! lol

  3. Thanks Spencer for your lovely comment.

    Lucky you, Anne! Over here, the best time to get cherries will be in June. Cheaper and sweeter.

  4. Hey! This tart looks amazing! Looks like somthing i can get from a true bakery! hahahah, the chocolate really looks smooth and creamy love it!

  5. Thanks SimplyBakes. btw, I just hop over to your blog... wow... I'm truly impressed!


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