Monday, May 28, 2012

A little house and a birthday celebration

I was supposed to do a cake house for one of my cake decorating lessons last year.  But, I missed that particular lesson as I were overseas during that December period.  So when I was planning for a birthday cake to celebrate my little girl's birthday in school this year, the cake house came to my mind.  A cake house that is a little fairy-tale like, but not exactly a princess castle either.  Instead of searching for cute biscuits to decorate the roof-top, I decided to bake some macarons shells for the roof-top!

Last year, I made a Princess Barbie Doll Cake for little girl's birthday, and that took me over 3 days to complete the various stages (though it could be done within a day, but I prefer to relax over 3 days).  This cake house?  From preparing the mixed-berries compote, lemon curd, buttercream, macarons roof-top, baking the sponge cakes to putting the whole house together, I managed to complete the cake in 2 days! Getting more efficient, huh ^_^

As the cake is rather heavy after stacking layers together, I inserted "support pillars" in the middle to prevent the bottom layers from getting squashed (see picture above).  These pillars were actually chocolate wafer rolls.  If you do not have chocolate wafer rolls on hand, you can use thick straws too (method refer here).

This is a portion of the leftover cake at the bottom layers (about 1/3 the full height of the cake).  If you examine carefully, the layers from bottom to top are: chocolate sponge, plain sponge, mixed berries buttercream, mixed berries compote, plain sponge, lemoncurd buttercream, plain sponge, mixed berries buttercream. 

Happy Birthday, my little girl!


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