Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to my May babies

My hubby and little girl's birthdays falls on one day after another, so we always celebrate their birthdays together.  My preference is to have a simple birthday party at home, where we invite our family members for the celebration.  

This year, our birthday party menu includes fried mee siam, baked Thai chicken wings (recipe adapted from Wokking Mum), potato pie, lemongrass drink, lontong (ordered from Malay stall), assorted macarons and of course, the birthday cake! 

Tangy Thai Chicken Wings

For desserts, I prepared macarons with assorted fillings.

Assorted macarons: Lemon, mixed berries and green tea

Back to the birthday cake.  It is a 10" mango mousse cake, with 3 layer of sponge, 3 layers of mango mousse and finally topped with mango jelly.  

Share with you a baking tip which I find very useful.  I learnt this during my baking class.  If your cake ring is not tall enough for your cake, you can push up the ring a little (after the cake has set), so that you can add another 1 or 2 inches to the cake height.  For this mango mousse cake, after I prepared the sponge/mousse layers and set the cake, I loosened the cake ring and push up the ring by another inch.  This allows me to create the top jelly layer.  To ensure the cake ring does not slide down, I secured with toothpicks around the cake as shown in the picture below.  From this picture, you can see this is really a very tall mango mousse cake.


  1. A well organized birthday with fantastic self prepared food. Thumbs up for you, Vivian and thanks for sharing.

  2. A well organized party with fantastic self prepared food. Thumbs up for you, Vivian. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely cake,and amazing birthday dinner.
    Cannot wait for your more recipes .
    Love your food.

    Jong Belegen Kaas

  4. Do you deliver cakes and party food? Please email me as I'm looking for a baker for my son's Mcqueen bd cake and also saw this post of your party food...thanks!

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by. Currently, I only bake and cook as a hobby. Occasionally, I do bake for friends and family. Not for biz though.


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