Friday, March 16, 2012

Pomfret Steamboat (鲳鱼炉)

I love to cook and drink soups.  Sometimes simple boiled soup with vegetables/meat/fish etc... and sometimes long-simmering soup.  This steamboat is somewhat in between a boiled soup and simmering soup.  First, you need to prepare some fish stock.  I used some garoupa fish bones (really huge and fresh), which I got them free from a fishmonger when I bought some other fish from him :)

You will need ginger (I used about 6 or 7 slices) for the fish stock.  Heat up the wok till smoking hot and add a little oil.  Fry the ginger slices and fish bones (add a small pinch of salt) to brown the bones slightly.  Add a dash of cooking wine --- very aromatic by now, stir fry a little, and add in the water.  Transfer to soup pot and simmer the stock over medium-low heat for about an hour.  To stretch your dollar further, sieve the fish soup to remove bones.  Place the bones back to the soup pot and break it up a little with a ladle.  Add water, bring it to boil and cook over medium heat for another 20 minutes to get the 2nd-round stock.  While the flavour is not as rich as the 1st round, I still managed to get milky white fish stock from this 2nd-round stock.  And since I am adding other ingredients, like the Chinese cabbage, sweet corn and pomfret to the steamboat, which will add to the sweetness of the soup, I used this 2nd-round stock for preparing the steamboat.

All ready for the steamboat!

This is simple and healthy one-pot meal that can be easily prepared at home.  Love this dish, especially on cold, rainy weather.


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