Friday, March 9, 2012

Mango Marshmallow Cheese Cake (Non-Baked)

Another mango dessert from the mango lover .... light and refreshing, almost like eating ice-cream.

(8" cake)

Biscuit base:
50g butter, melted
8 to 9 pieces of digestive biscuits, finely crushed

(A): 200ml milk + 70g marshmallows
(B): 100g cream cheese + 1 tbsp lemon juice
(C): 3 to 4 tsp gelatin powder + 3 tbsp water
(D): 1 mango + 1/3 cup mango juice (pureed to yield approximately 250g)
(E): 200g non-diary whipping cream (sweetened)
(F): Mango cubes
(G): 1/2 tsp mango essence (optional)

Jelly layer:
1 mango, thinly sliced
100ml water
100ml mango juice
1 tbsp instant jelly powder

Finger sponge (optional):
2 egg yolks + 25g sugar + pinch of salt
2 egg whites + 25g sugar + 1/8 tsp cream of tartar
60g plain flour, sifted

1) Combine biscuit base ingredients, press onto the base of a loose-bottom 8" cake pan.  Place in freezer to harden.

2) Filling
a) Melt milk and marshmallow over a pot of water till marshmallow fully dissolves.  Set aside to cool.
b) Beat cream cheese (remove from fridge to let it soften slightly) with lemon juice till smooth.
c) Melt gelatin powder with water.  
d) Combine prepared ingredients from 2a to 2c, mango puree and essence (if using).  Mix well.
e) Whisk whipping cream till peak.
f) Fold whipping cream to step 2d.  Add in the mango cubes. 

3) Pour prepared filling onto hardened biscuit base (leave about 1.5cm allowance on top for the jelly layer).  Place the cake in freezer to set the filling (set will do, no need to freeze till hardened).

4) Jelly layer: Combine water, mango juice, instant jelly powder and boil till jelly dissolves.  Set aside to cool (do not pour over the cake filling when it's hot). 

5) Place mango slices on top of filling and pour the jelly solution on top.  Place in fridge for the jelly to set.

6) Remove cake from pan and line with finger sponge (method over here).   

7) Place in fridge for another few hours to fully set the cake.  Serve chill.


  1. yet another mango cake by you Fong and it looks equally enticing! i have to get my hands on some marshmallows to try this one day!

  2. You are such a talented baker. I've been lurking at your blog for many months now but I never left any comments until now. I just can't resist to let you know that I am so happy that I found you. My daughter and I will definitely try most of your cake and cheesecake recipes. More power to you and I am always looking forward to more of your future recipes!... Jane Galang

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for dropping by and leaving me your comment. It's nice to share and wonderful to know that you enjoy looking through my blog. Yes, definitely more bakes and cooking coming up ....


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