Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chicken Wrap (五彩鸡扎)

"Hmmm .... this smells so good, Mummy".  My little girl quickly helped herself to a piece of chicken winglet.  Within seconds, she gave me a thumbs up with a satisfying smile on her face :)    I knew this was worth all the time and effort that I put into preparing this dish.

This is an adaption from a Cantonese dim sum, 四宝滑鸡扎 or 鸡扎 (chicken wrap), as it is usually known.  Briefly, the preparation involves taking a piece of Chinese mushroom, Chinese yam (淮山), fish maw etc and wrap these with a piece of chicken thigh meat.  Then, you wrap each chicken parcel with a piece of fried bean curd skin and steam on high.

For my 五彩鸡扎, I used Chinese mushroom, carrot, celery, Chinese sausage and enoki mushroom (I wanted to use fresh Chinese yam, but can't get hold of it at the last minute) as the filling.  Instead of using chicken thigh meat, I used chicken winglets, removed the two small bones in each wing, so that I can stuff the filling inside each wing.

To remove the bones, you can use either a pair of kitchen scissors or a small paring knife.  Cut around the bones to separate the bones from the meat.  Slowly slide the bones out as you push the meat away from the bones.  Use the bones for making soup or stock.

Basic ingredients
Chicken winglets, carrot, celery, Chinese mushroom, Chinese sausage, enoki mushrooms, bean curd skin (腐皮).

1) Marinate the chicken wings with the usual soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, cooking wine, pepper, corn starch etc for a few hours before putting in the filling.

2) Filling: Cut the ingredients into thin strips.  Blanch the carrots and celery, let them cool.  Marinate the mushrooms with a little soy sauce, shallot oil and a pinch of sugar.  Take a piece of each ingredient and put them into each chicken winglet.  

3) Cut the bean curd skin into rectangular pieces (big enough to wrap each chicken winglet).  Briefly fried the bean curd skin, then soak in water to soften it, as well as to remove excess oil and salt from the bean curd skin (Note: The bean curd skin cracks easily after frying, so handle with care).  Remove bean curd skin from water and discard water.

4) Wrap each winglet with a piece of bean curd skin and steam on high till cooked (about 7 to 8 minutes).

This dish is simply delicious!  Try it.


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