Friday, March 23, 2012

Braised Yam with Choy Sum

My initial plan is to do a simple stir-fry choy sum (菜心) with minced garlic and oyster sauce.  Then, I was browsing through Wendy's Table for 2 recipe index and found this interesting dish, Braised Taro with Kai Lan.  And  I just happened to have a piece of yam!  I have never thought of using taro (we called it "yam" locally) with leafy greens.  Since yam works for Kai Lan, it should taste good with choy sum too!

Instead of blanching the choy sum in oil/salt water, I prefer to do a quick stir-fry, before adding in the braised yam.  In addition to the dried shrimp in the recipe, I added some leftover beef stew gravy for added flavour to the dish.

I'm glad I tried this new twist to my usual garlic & oyster sauce stir-fry choy sum! 

(adapted from Table for 2, sourced from Elin)

Yam (mine's about 200g after peeling the skin), cut into thumb-sized strips
1 to 2 tbsp dried shrimps, soaked and minced
2 cloves garlic, minced
A little beef gravy/broth (optional) - or replace with 1 tbsp oyster sauce
Salt & pepper to taste

A packet of choy sum (cook the quantity that you need)
A few slices of ginger
Dash of soy sauce and cooking wine
1 tbsp fried shallots with oil 

1) Heat up a wok over moderate heat.  Add oil, stir fry the minced dried shrimps and garlic till fragrant.
2) Add the yam, stir briefly and add about a cup of water, salt and beef gravy.  Cover and let it simmer over medium heat till yam turns soft and the gravy thickens.  Set aside.
3)  Clean and heat up the wok again over high heat.  Add oil and ginger slices, followed by choy sum.  Give it a few quick stirs and add a dash of soy sauce and cooking wine from the side of the wok. 
4) Add in the braised yam from step 2.  Stir and let the flavours of the choy sum and braised yam blend well together (add a little more water if it's too dry or if you like to have more gravy).
5) Just before dishing up, add in the fried shallots.  Serve.


  1. 这个吃法对我来说挺新鲜的

  2. Wendy:oops... typo!

    鲸鱼: 简单又好吃,值得试试看。


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