Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweet Potato * Steamed Buns * Tang Yuen


I made these steamed buns on the same day as the pork floss layered buns.  The basic dough is enough for making 10 to 12 buns (depending on the size).  I used about half the dough for making these sweet potato steamed buns, and the other half for the pork floss buns.

Prepare the sweet potato filling before kneading the dough, as you need to cool the filling before wrapping it in the dough.  I used purple sweet potato for these steamed buns.  Peel and cut the sweet potato (about 200g) into thin slices of 1 cm thickness.  Steam on high till soft and mash while hot.  Add about 3 tablespoons sugar, 1 egg yolk and 80ml coconut milk into the mashed sweet potato.  Cook the mixture for a few minutes till it is slightly dry (consistency like kaya spread).  

To make the buns:

1) Take a portion of the prepared dough (after 1st proofing) and roll into a round disc.  Wrap about 1 heaped teaspoon of prepared sweet potato filling into the dough.  

2) Flatten the dough and roll into a long strip (see picture above).

3) Make a few cuts on the dough and roll it up.  Turn the dough till you form a round shape and tuck the end portion underneath.

4) Place each bun on lightly-greased baking paper.  Cover and let it rest for 40 to 45 minutes.

5) Steam on high heat for about 12 minutes.  Reduce to low heat for another 1 minute and turn off heat.  Keep cover for another minute before removing the buns from the steamer.

Sweet potato filling

Had some leftover sweet potato fillings after making the buns.  Then an idea came to my mind:

Sweet Potato Tang Yuen with Ginger Almond Milk

Glutinous Rice Balls (汤圆):
(makes about 14 rice balls)

100g glutinous rice flour
100ml water (keep a little water, about 1 tbsp)
Food colouring (optional)

1) Mix the flour and the water together.  Hold back about 1 tbsp water.  If the dough looks dry, add the remaining tbsp water.  Cover the dough for 3 minutes.  

2) Pinch small portion of dough, flatten it and wrap with sweet potato fillings. Roll into round ball.  Repeat till dough is used up.

3) Cook rice balls in boiling water.  Rice balls are ready when they float to the top.  Serve with ginger almond milk. 

I used instant almond powder.  Prepare as per instructions on package, replacing a portion of water with milk.  When almond milk is ready, squeeze in about 2 teaspoons of freshly grated ginger juice.


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