Saturday, February 11, 2012

Breakfast time!

Other than the usual sandwiches, here's what I prepared for breakfast recently:

* Pan-fried radish cake - this is my favorite!

* Zucchini and Cranberry tea-bread - my second attempt of this recipe.  I like the soft & moist texture of this tea-bread.

* Corn & oats pancake - this is a "rojak" version and surprisingly turns out quite nice.


  1. Those are all delicious breakfast food. Makes me hungry looking at your photos.

  2. So lucky to be your family...yummy food

    From Olivia

  3. Hi, interested on ur corn & oats pancake, hope u can share the recipe :)


    **Anderson's Mama

  4. Hi Anderson's Mama, I added an egg, about 1/2 bowl corn niblets, soaked about 2T oats in some milk (microwave slightly to soften it), some chopped spring onion, some salt and pepper. Mix all ingredients together and pan fry till cooked, sprinkle some bonito flakes and a squeeze of mayo. Did not take note of the exact amount though. Basically, I just use whatever I have on hand. Sliced mushroom, some chopped ham etc would be nice too


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