Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Longevity Peach Cake (寿桃蛋糕)

Cake Decorating Lesson 7: Longevity Cake
This longevity cake is a basic sponge cake wrapped with marzipan, a paste made with ground almond and sugar.  If you are good with making fondant cake, you will find this cake very manageable.  

Carving the cake .... 

How to prepare the longevity cake?
Carving is the most difficult part in making this longevity cake.  You can use either a sponge cake or butter cake, though a butter cake will be easier to carve. 

1) Chill or freeze the cake in the fridge to harden it first.  It is easier to carve when the cake is firm.
2) Draw a heart shape with the pointed end slanted to one side (see pic above).
3) Place the heart shape on the cake and trim the cake.
4) Hold a serrated knife at an angle and trim the edges all round to get a smooth edge.
5) Apply a little fresh cream/or butter cream and stack the excess trim-out cake on top.  
6) Keep carving the cake till the edges are all nice and smooth, and with a slight indentation in the middle.
7) Trim the cake at the bottom, so that it is easier to tuck in the marzipan later.
8) Apply a thin layer of fresh cream/or butter cream all round the cake and place in freezer to harden.
9) Roll out the marzipan (or fondant) into a thin sheet while freezing the cake.
10) Cover the cake with the marzipan sheet and trim off the excess marzipan.  Tuck in the marzipan neatly.
11) Dip a clean toothbrush with some red food colouring.  Brush off the excess food colouring and randomly spray the red spots over the longevity cake.
12) Use the excess marzipan to make leaves (add green colouring) and stalk (add brown colouring) for the cake.

Wishing all a Happy and Prosperous Dragon Year!

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  1. Pretty Longevity Peach Cake and thanks for sharing this step by step technique. Here, wishing you Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family :)


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