Friday, January 27, 2012

Breakfast and waking up early

Breakfast menu

Since beginning of this year, I have been waking up early at around 5.20am to prepare breakfast for my family.  No choice, little girl's having morning session and she needs to eat something to last her till recess at 9.30 am.  I have been waking up around 7am for many years.  This sudden change in morning routine makes me rather sleepy or even moody at times.  But, I'm glad that my little girl is adapting well to waking up early.  So far so good, she wakes up promptly, washes up, eats her breakfast and is ready for school within 40 minutes.  But her poor mummy is still trying to adapt to the early hours.  In  fact, after my last December holiday trip, I have cut down my time on blogging.  Just too tired or lack of energy to blog (or even to read other blogs) though I still cook/bake quite a lot.  

I find it rather tricky to prepare breakfast, 'cos:
1) The breakfast must be quick and easy to prepare or heat up, max time = 20 mins.  
2) I do not like to have bread for breakfast everyday.
3) My girl does not like to have milk and cereal (neither do I).

To avoid having the same food for breakfast, I noted down what I had for breakfast each day for the past 4 weeks.  Well, I can't say the menu is "balanced" or nutritious, as the greens/fruits are obviously lacking in them.  But, I will just make sure we have more greens during lunch/dinner.  

My girl has sensitive airways.  Hence, no citrus fruits (not even apples) or cold drinks for her in the morning.   She is not a fussy eater, but she does not like nuts, prunes or raisins (supposedly healthy snacks) in her oat meal porridge.  And yes, she loves her oat meal porridge.

For the next month, I shall plan my breakfast menu along daily theme, for example:
Monday & Thu:  Sandwich day (tuna, egg, ham, peanut butter, jam etc)
Tue: Tea cakes, muffins, scones etc
Wed: Local breakfast (chwee kueh, chee cheong fun, steamed yam cake etc)
Fri: Oat meal porridge

You are most welcome to share with me your breakfast ideas .... just note, must be quick and easy... cos I  need my beauty sleep.


  1. Such a nice variety for breakfast. Your girl so lucky! Maybe pancakes? Can prepare batter in advance. French toast? :)

  2. if you don't like milk and cereal, what about granola/muesli and yogurt? I love having that for breakfast sometimes :) and making your own pita/naan/flatbread the day before is simple too! works the same as sandwich but just different texture!

  3. SSB: yes, I'm thinking of preparing pancakes too.

    Janine: she's not into granola/muesli either. She's more into local breakfast stuff, maybe half-boiled eggs for her tmr ...

  4. Does your daughter like smoothies? Lately, I've been making berry smoothies..very quick and simple. Just blend milk and berries together, and the rest of the family can also have this. Can make with any time of fruit too. Congee also a good idea since that can be made the night before.

  5. Very well organised, your girls really lucky to have a great breakfast ready for her. Btw, I have an award for you, kindly collect it from my blog.

  6. Hey, I got an award for you, pick it up in my blog when you free :)

  7. Wow! I wanna be your child! Thanks Fong. Your blog is really resourceful. I m the mummy asked tons of questions rdgs barbie doll cake last year!
    Such a blessing to have found yo blog, now on will adopt yo Breakfast n dinner menu :D


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