Thursday, December 1, 2011

A little birdie says ... "Love is in the Air"

My #3 cake for cake decorating class - Blueberry Fresh Cream Cake

Cake Decorating Lesson 3: Cartoon Drawing by Chocolate Transfer

Lesson 3 is a test of our artistic flair.  Choose your favorite drawing or cartoon design, pipe the design using melted chocolate and transfer the design onto the cake.  Sounds easy?  Ho.... I soon realised that it was not so easy to pipe melted chocolate without your hands shaking away....  And yes, do make sure that the cream on the cake has indeed hardened before transferring your chocolate design onto the cake......... else, there will be "pot-holes" on your cake!

Planning and Preparation at home ...

I wanted a design that is unique, simple enough to execute and presentable.  Finding a simple and unique design is tricky.... I avoided all popular cartoon characters as I foresee there will be many such designs in class.  Since lesson 3 is about arts and drawing, I "borrowed" an idea from scrap-booking design.  Instead of playing with design layouts and embellishments on scrapbook papers, I will have them on a cake!  As for presentation, I decided to use a combination of pastel colours - blue, pink and green.  For a touch of romance, I added a wavy border (i.e. using finger sponge), a few jumbo hearts sprinkles and a soft pink ribbon to tie around the finger sponge.

Making blueberry jam for the cake filling

I love to buy fresh blueberries whenever they are on sale and use any leftover for making blueberry jam.  You can spread the blueberry jam on toast, scones, pancakes or use the jam as filling for cakes, muffins, or even add to your favorite milk shake.  100% blueberries with no preservatives or food colouring.  For this 10" square cake, I needed two punnets of fresh blueberries (about 250g) for making the jam filling.

Ingredients for 10" square cake

To make the sponge cake:
1.5 times of basic sponge cake recipe (i.e. 6 eggs, 125g flour, 125g sugar, 125g butter/oil*)
*I used a combination of 50g melted butter, 50g oil and 25g milk for the liquid portion

To make blueberry jam:
250g fresh blueberries, juice from 1/2 lemon, 1 to 2 tbsp water, sugar to taste

1) Place the blueberries and lemon juice in a pot and cook over medium heat.  Stir frequently to prevent burning.
2) Once the blueberries turn soft and start breaking down, add in sugar and continue to stir.  Add 1 to 2 tbsp water (if too dry).  
3) The jam filling is done when the mixture thickens (Note: The jam will further thicken when cools completely).  Cooking takes about 8 to 10 minutes.  
4) Let the jam cools completely before spreading on the cake.

Adding a "border" to my little birdie drawing with home-made finger sponge!

To make finger sponge 
A: 3 egg yolks + 40g fine sugar
B: 3 egg whites + 40g fine sugar + 1/8 tsp cream of tartar
C: 90g plain flour, sifted

1) Whisk (A) till thick and creamy.
2) Whisk (B) till stiff.
3) Fold (A) and (B) together, then fold in (C) to combine all.
4) Pour batter into piping bag and pipe strips of batter on baking paper.
5) Bake in preheated oven at 175C for about 10 minutes or till golden brown.

To assemble the cake:

1) Cut the sponge cake into 3 even layers.
2) Place the first layer sponge, spread a thin layer of fresh whipped cream, pipe or spread blueberry jam on the cream, and follow with another thin layer of fresh cream.  Repeat steps with another layer of sponge, cream, jam, cream and finally place the last layer of sponge on top.
3) Cover the whole cake with fresh whipped cream.  Chill the cake in freezer till cream hardens (about an hour).
4) Place a piece of baking paper over chosen design.  Pipe melted coating chocolate to trace the design on the baking paper.  Place the design in fridge for about 2 minutes (so that the design is not runny when you flip it onto the cake).
5) Flip the chocolate design onto the cake surface.  Gently rub the design to transfer the drawing onto the cake.
6) Pipe tinted piping gel or cream to fill in the drawing.
7) Place finger sponge around the cake and secure with a ribbon.


  1. ur sponge fingers are so well made, so even. Love them!
    and I love the cake slices tooo.... I've been a bit lazy to bake cake lately

  2. So beautiful.. Thks for sharing the tips Fong ^_^

  3. Wendy: Shhh... I hide the uneven sponge pieces behind or eat them up! ha... no lah, these fingers are easier to pipe than cream.

    Esther: Thanks. We all share and learn together ^_^

  4. i agree with wendy - the sponge fingers are so even and I love the design - I've seen the birdie used in a couple of etsy sites and it's so cute! i loved your rendition of it, and it doesn't look as if your hands were wobbly at all :)

  5. This is such a cute and beautiful cake. I truly love your design. Very pretty and unique. Yes...way better than "famous character", in my opinion. ^^

  6. wow.... good work Wai Fong... Jiayou...

    its alot of effort giving step by step instruction here....
    From Pauline Chan

  7. So pretty! You've done a good job as always :)

  8. Pretty and delicious cake! Thanks for sharing the recipe for sponge fingers.

  9. Janine: Yes, the little birdie is so cute and nice. Love it. My hands did shake... I piped this simple design for 3 times! Can't imagine if I have chosen a complicated one.

    Thanks Amy!

    ha... Pauline. I've only shared my thoughts,the recipe and basic steps. There will be more if I were to elaborate on .... (then all will fall asleep reading the details).

    Thanks Cathy... looking out for your updates at US.

    Thanks Ann!

    Swee San: oh does look like the twitter bird.. good that I painted it pink instead of blue.

    Thanks Dumpling Love.

    Happy Flour, my pleasure as always.

  10. 实在是太美丽了

  11. coulourful cake, lovely & very cute

  12. Very pretty! I have a question. You mention that Cover the whole cake with fresh whipped cream.  Chill the cake in freezer till cream hardens (about an hour), in order to transfer the chocolate design to the cake, Will this affect the fresh cream or cake texture? Will the fresh cream melt if i prepare the whole cake (ready cake with piping gel) 1 day in advance n keep it in the fridge? thanks

  13. Hi, i did the chocolate outline today with the intention of transfering to a fresh cream cake. I placed my frosted cake in the freezer for 1 hr, n after that, i try to transfer the outline. But i could not get all the line to transfer over to the cake. In the end, the top of the frosted cake is ruin too. Any tips to help me? Thanks

  14. To transfer the chocolate outline, you MUST get the cream to be harden first. Hence, the need to place in the freezer for at least an hour, though buttercream will take a shorter time to harden. It does not affect the cake texture if it's just in the freezer for an hour or so.
    Once the cream is harden, place the chocolate outline and gently rub the line onto the cake. If only a small portion of the line did not transfer over, then you can directly pipe over the missing gaps.

  15. May I know if you used dairy or non dairy whipping cream? Thanks!


  16. Hi Chloe, I used non-dairy whipping cream for this cake.


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