Thursday, November 3, 2011

Self-Frosting Nutella Cupcakes

Self-Frosting Nutella Cupcakes, or Nutella Swirl Cupcakes were such a hit with many food bloggers a few years back (was it Year 2005?).  It was such an ingenious idea of adding a teaspoon of Nutella on top of each cupcake, swirl it gently with a toothpick and you will have the yummy frosting bakes right into each lovely cupcake. No mess at all.  These cupcakes are tasty on its own and do not need further frosting on top.  After all, why would you want to cover the lovely Nutella swirls with frosting?

These cupcakes are light and airy with a lovely Nutella bite at the top.  I am sharing this yummy cupcake with Aspiring Bakers #13: Enjoy Cupcakes! (November 2011), hosted by Min of Min's blog. 

(makes 12 cupcakes)

140g cold butter (I use salted butter)
1/2 cup fine sugar (about 115g) 
2 medium-sized eggs (cold from fridge)
30g whipping cream 
20g milk
1 tsp rum extract (or vanilla extract)
200g plain flour + 2 tsp baking powder (sifted)
12 tsp Nutella spread (about 4 tbsp)


1) Cream butter and sugar together till pale white and fluffy (I used an electric hand-held mixer and it took about 8 to 10 minutes).

2) Add in eggs, one at a time and beat for another minute.  Mix in whipping cream, milk and rum extract (Do not worry if the batter looks a little curdle, it's normal).

3) Add in the sifted flour mixture and mix well to combine.

4) Fill each cup to 3/4 full and top each cup with 1 tsp Nutella spread.  Gently swirl the Nutella into the batter with a toothpick or wooden skewer so that some batter covers the Nutella (do not over-swirl as you want a marbling effect).

5) Bake in a preheated oven of 165C for about 20 to 25 minutes, till a toothpick comes out clean when inserted into the cupcake.

[Source: Recipe adapted from Baking Bites, original recipe from Donna Hay]


1) I cut down the sugar from 3/4 cup to 1/2 cup, which is just nice for me and not overly sweet (since the Nutella frosting also adds to the sweetness of the cupcake).

2) Original recipe calls for creaming the butter (soften at room temperature) and sugar till light, for about 2 minutes.  From my baking class, I learnt that creaming the butter and sugar till light and fluffy helps to achieve the softness in butter cakes (which appeals more to our Asian palette, as compared to a dense texture).  Butter that is not well-creamed will result in cakes having a harder or dense texture.  But, you do not want to over-cream your butter till it melts, as the resulting cake will then be oily and compact (heavy).  Hence, I started with cold hard butter from the fridge and cream till light and fluffy (the mixture will be pale white in colour).  Adding cold eggs from fridge helps to keep the temperature of the butter low while creaming, which helps to prevent it from melting (especially for our hot weather).

3) Original recipe calls for 3 eggs.  I replaced one egg with whipping cream and milk as I run out of eggs and happened to have whipping cream and milk on hand.  The result is good.

4) Add 1/4 tsp salt if using unsalted butter.


  1. Look fluffy & yummy with nutella topping :)

  2. wow thanks for posting this - i never knew of this craze since i wasn't blogging back in 2005 but yeah, does sound like a good idea since no extra frosting is needed :D

  3. Nutella frosting really great on cupcakes. Your cupcakes look really yummy! Bookmarked. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for sharing the receipt and I tried it today. It was really good and tasty! Love the texture. Its my son's favorite!!


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