Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Or-Nee You ... Yam Mousse Cake

Yam Mousse Cake with pink rosettes

I'm quite into roses recently.  After my recent rose basket, now I have these pink roses "Or-Nee for You" (read: Only for You).  Or-Nee is a Teochew yam paste dessert.  While I never really like Or Nee (I find it too sweet and thick to swallow), I was surprised how delicious the yam mousse tastes when I first tried the yam mousse cake at my baking class. The yam mousse filling in the cake is not too sweet, it tastes much lighter than yam paste (with the addition of whipped cream ^_^) and has a nice coconut milk fragrance. 

For the cake sponge, I used my usual "4-1-1-1" combination for an 8 inch round pan.  After baking, let the cake cool completely and slice into three or four even layers.  Divide and spread yam mousse filling (see below) equally between layers of sponge.  Spread a thin layer of fresh whipped cream all over the whole cake (crumb coat) and place the cake in fridge to set for about 30 minutes.  Decorate the cake as desired and put it back into the fridge for another 30 minutes to an hour before serving (for our hot weather).

Making yam mousse filling

This cake is a birthday present for a lady friend, so I filled the top with pink rosettes (pipe with Wilton 1M tip).  Compared to the royal icing roses that I made for the rose basket cake, these rosettes are definitely much easier to pipe.  I practised piping a few rosettes on paper before piping them on the cake.  Try to pipe the rosettes as close as possible to minimise the gaps in between.  After piping the rosettes, fill the small gaps with swirls using the same 1M tip.  Arrange for odd number of roses in the centre, like 1 or 3.  Somehow, odd numbers is more visually pleasing than even numbers.

To complete the "rose" look, I covered the plain cake box with a rose-designed wrapping paper (if only cake box comes in a variety of colours and patterns ....) and finished with a purple ribbon and tag (same colour as the yam mousse filling).  By the way, I did not specially buy the wrapping paper, ribbon or tag.  They are ready-stock in my room.  I love to shop around for scrap-booking papers and accessories.  Beside cooking and baking, this is the area where I "waste" (败家) my $$$ on.

A birthday surprise for somebody .....

Ingredients for Yam Mousse Filling
300g yam (weigh after peeling) + few pieces of pandan leaves
50g sugar
2 egg yolks
150g coconut milk
Few drops of violet food colouring (optional)
100g fresh cream, whipped till stiff (I whipped 250g and use the remaining for decoration)
200g dairy cream (cold) + 20g fine sugar
1 tsp gelatin powder + 2 tbsp water (melt and set aside)

1) Cut the yam into thin slices and steam till soft with a few pieces of pandan leaves.
2) Discard the pandan leaves and mash the yam while it is hot.  Stir in sugar, egg yolks and coconut milk. 
3) Cook the yam mixture in a non-stick pan over low heat till thick.  Set the yam paste aside to cool.  
4) Place a mixing bowl in the freezer for 5 minutes.  Get ready some ice cubes or ice water.  Pour the dairy cream and sugar in the cold mixing bowl (placed the bowl over a bigger bowl filled with ice cubes/water) and whisk the cream till soft peak.  Pour in the cool gelatin mixture and continue to whisk till stiff.  Do not over-whisk or the cream will curdle.  Keep the diary whipped cream in fridge.    
5) Mix 100g of fresh whipped cream and food colouring into the cooled yam paste.  Mix well.
6) Gently fold in the dairy whipped cream.  
7) Assemble the cake with the yam mousse filling

1) If use all fresh whipped cream for the mousse filling, use about 150g fresh cream.
2) If use all diary whipped cream for the mousse filling, you may want to try 350g dairy cream with 40g sugar and increase to 2 tsp gelatin powder with about 3 to 4 tbsp water.  Increase the sugar used in the yam paste to about 70g (fresh cream has sugar in it while dairy cream is plain without sugar).

[Recipe: Mainly adapted from Richard Goh]


  1. 简直是真才实料

  2. 鲸鱼:希望味道也好。对方是潮州人,我想应该喜欢or-nee吧...

  3. WOW! Beautiful and perfect!! Can I order from you?

  4. WOWWWW Fong this looks even better than store bought! And I love the pun - Ornee for you heheheh

    love your floral wrapping paper! I also have the same bad habit of shopping for scrapbooking materials (even though I don't really scrapbook) :/ where did you get the paper from though?

  5. Ann: ha... your yam mousse cake looks so good too!

    Janine: I bought the wrapping paper from Daiso - cheap and good.

  6. wahh i didn't know daiso had such pretty paper! gonna head down there soon hehe

  7. So beautifully decorated! Love it!

  8. 这蛋糕给我的第一个感觉是~很浪漫^^
    I like Rose & i Love Pink too :)

  9. The cake is so beautiful!! The yam cake sponge is yummy and the pink rosettes are perfectly done!

  10. Actually hor, besides baking, I also have many ribbons, tags, cookies bags and wrapping paper sitting in my cupboard.. hehe

  11. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful.
    I tried doing the rosettes this way once, and they looked hedious. Yours look so preeeeeeeeeetty

  12. Wendy, did you pipe using dairy cream? If you use fresh cream or stiff butter cream, I guess you should be able to get them right.

  13. Thanks Jeannie ...

    Pink Lady: 我是很浪漫的人。。。 哈

    Thanks Ah Tze. Not sure whether the cake is as tasty as it looks... must try baking this cake again.

    Esther: ha... so you also "败家" like me.

  14. Wow, this is too beautiful, like store-bought. I have not get my hand into rosettes yet, need to learn from you.

  15. You are so good with the roses. Beautiful ! I am intrigued . I can never pipe nicely...not even a simple cake :( Good job! Have a nice weekend !

  16. Thanks, Sonia and Elin. In the past, I was also amazed at how others can pipe beautiful flowers on their cake. I din know I could do it too till I try it myself. So, give it a try and you will be surprised! First time not good enough? Try again. Practise makes perfect! Me too... still trying to improve along the way.

  17. wow it looks like a flower meadow^^ tasty

  18. WOW! WOW! WOW! I am lost of words!! WOW!

  19. hi, could you advise which brand of dairy cream and fresh cream to buy?
    Thanks. Kate

  20. Hi Kate, I do not use a particular brand of cream. Just buy whichever is available.

  21. Hi,

    Sorry, I am rather new in baking and have a few questions here...
    (1) May I know what is fresh cream? I had only come across 'Diary' & 'Non-diary' whipping cream.
    (2)Is fresh cream available at major supermarkets or we have to buy fm Phoon Huat?
    (3) What is the difference between fresh cream & whipped cream.
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Cyndi,
      Fresh cream is non-dairy whipping cream. It is also commonly referred to as topping cream. As the cream is very stable after whipping, it is used for cake decoration and can also be used as filling for cakes.
      Not all supermarket have fresh cream. PH usually keep stocks.

  22. Hi, would i be able to order this from you? pls email me at

    1. Sorry for late reply. i do not check my blog regularly. Currently, I'm just baking for friends / relatives. Thanks for your interest!


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