Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mango "Hor Fun" {芒果捞河}

"EEEEEW... mummy!  You cannot have this with hor fun (flat rice noodles)!"  My little girl gave me a disgusted look when she saw me poured the mango sauce over the "hor fun".  "Why not?  It's very nice to eat with mango ..." I smiled at her.

Oh yes, you can have mango with this special homemade hor fun.  《芒果捞河》 is a dessert that looks as if you are tossing flat rice noodles in mango sauce.  Flat rice noodles or we called it hor fun, is usually taken as a savory dish, such as seafood hor fun or beef hor fun.  But, this hor fun is not made from rice flour.  This is made with konnyaku jelly powder and coconut milk.

(serves 3 to 4)

5g konnyaku jelly powder
80g sugar (or more if you like it sweeter)
350ml water
50ml milk
70ml thick coconut milk
3 pandan leaves (optional)
2 mangoes + 20g sugar

1) Mix konnyaku powder with sugar - (A).  Place the pandan leaves and water in a pot and bring to gentle boil.  Stir in (A) and mix well till dissolved.

2) Add in milk and coconut milk.  Cook the mixture for a little longer, just before boiling and remove from heat (Once coconut milk is added, do not boil the mixture).

3) Carefully pour a very thin layer of jelly mixture into flat trays or pans and let the jelly set.  Keep chill in fridge till ready to serve.

4) Peel the mangoes.  Cut mango cubes from one mango and puree the other mango.  Add sugar to the mango puree and warm it up to dissolve the sugar (alternatively, you can add some store-bought mango juice to the mango puree to sweeten it).  Cool and keep chill in fridge.  

5) Remove the jelly from fridge and cut into thin strips.  Pour the chilled mango sauce over the jelly and serve with mango cubes.


  1. 你太厉害了,这个我要学起来:)

  2. my initial reaction was like your daughter's until I saw that the hor fun was made of jelly! that's really creative and smart!

  3. I almost missed this if it's not because I saw you telling in FB that it's posted, I didn't see the update.

    Wahahahha!! it's jelly!!!
    super duper dee good idea


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