Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello Kitty Cake and Happy Blog Anniversary

Fong's Kitchen turns one!  I started this food blog on 20 October 2010, an easy-to-remember date: 20102010.  Prior to setting up this blog, I love to post pictures of my dishes/bakes on Facebook (hopefully that did not irritate my FB pals cos I actually had one pal commenting "why I keep thinking of food "....)  Anyway, posting on FB takes minimal effort, just pictures with a few words.  Eventually, I started this food blog after receiving positive comments from pals and much encouragement from my dear hubby.

For me, writing a food blog really takes a lot of time and effort.  I always admire bloggers who are ever so fluent and creative in their writing.  They can talk about the sky, weather, story behind the dish, why they make this or that... just anything under the sun!  And how I envy those who master the art and techniques of food photography ... huh ... what angle? what lens? I am absolutely clueless.  In short, I find myself a boring blogger.   I do not come up with creative sentences to describe the taste of my dishes/bakes (read:  limited vocabulary) and sorry.... no beautiful pictures to make up for the lack of words either, since all my pictures are taken from an idiot-proof "point and shoot" camera.

My second challenge in food blogging is the details to be recorded for each recipe.  For baking, I will try to follow the recipe as closely as possible.  So, putting up baking recipes is relatively easier.  But, when it comes to cooking, I adopt a "free and easy style", i.e. I cook what I have available.  Seasoning is usually a pinch of this or a dash of that.  I go by feeling and I do not really measure.  You see, that's the fun of cooking.  But ever since I started Fong's Kitchen, I started to take note of the volume, weight and amount of the ingredients used (as far as possible), the amount of seasoning and even buy standard measuring spoons and cups!

Of course, there were times when I asked myself "why do I blog"?  It is rather ironical, since blogging takes up much time that I would have otherwise spent in whipping up another new dish or bake another cake.  The immediate satisfaction and reward of blogging come from the lovely comments made by readers.  I sincerely thank all who have dropped by my blog to find out what's cooking at Fong's Kitchen.  Some may not have left any comments, nevertheless I truly appreciate your presence (hee... we have statistics bar!).  Hopefully, you will find something interesting over here at Fong's Kitchen.

Now, this Hello Kitty Cake.  This is a non-bake strawberry cheesecake and is for a sweetie.  She tasted the blueberry cheesecake that I made recently for my friend's birthday and she loves it.  She wanted to learn from me, so that she can make one for her boyfriend .... so sweet :)  But since she has not baked before and has no oven at home, I taught her this easy non-bake cheesecake instead.  She made one cheesecake at my place and I gave her this Hello Kitty cake to bring home (since freezing the cheesecake takes a few hours).

Here are the steps for the Hello Kitty design:

1) Cover the whole cake with topping cream (or butter cream if you like) and freeze till the cream hardens (butter cream will take about 20 minutes while topping cream may take up to an hour to harden).

2) Melt some coating chocolate (this type of chocolate sets easily, available at Phoon Huat) and pour the melted chocolate into a piping bag.  Get ready a design.  Place a plastic sheet or baking paper over the design.  Pipe the chocolate on the outline of the design (i.e. trace the outline).  Place the chocolate outline in the fridge for 2 to 3 minutes (not too long as the chocolate will crack when harden!).

3) Remove the cake from the freezer and flip the prepared chocolate design onto the cake.  Gently press down the chocolate to transfer the outline onto the cake.  Now, you can fill the design with coloured piping gel or piped whipped cream as what I have done for this Hello Kitty cake.

4) Pipe the eyes and whiskers with the remaining melted chocolate.

Note: As you need to flip the design onto the cake, the image drawn on the right-hand side will flip over to be on the left-hand side.  Take for example this Hello Kitty.  We all know the little red bow is on its left ear.  Make sure to flip the design over (on the wrong side) before you pipe the chocolate outline (the bow will be on the right side), so that when you flip the design onto the cake, the bow will end up on its left ear.

Similar recipe for non-bake strawberry cheesecake over here (I used strawberry-flavoured yogurt instead of whipped cream).

Happy 1st Anniversary!


  1. Happy Blog 1st Anniversary!!
    I really like your blog. You're actually a multitasker, can bake and cook well and write well too. Keep Going :))

  2. congrats on your first anniversary Fong! I also face the same problem as you - I estimate a lot when I cook, which is why my blog don't have many cooking recipes cos I really have no idea how much I use :/

  3. LOL. Talking about me? I do find myself being too long winded at times, with the sky, star and moons attached. LOL.
    It's been a pleasure reading your blog and it feels very homey, and that feels good coming here.
    Actually when we learn to be precise even when it comes to cooking, it's actually good. I used to cook by feel too, but now since I've recorded everything in my blog, I do refer to it when I am repeating my dishes so that I can roughly get back the same taste, of which I feel is better this way, consistency.
    I am also a noob about lenses and whatsoever, but then, I tell you a secret----- photo editing. LOL.

    Happy Blog anniversary and many many many more to come! Cheers!!

  4. Thanks Ann. I'm a typical home-maker. Can bake a little, cook a little, and write a little.

    Thanks Janine. ha... you also "agak-agak" (estimate) like me!

    Wendy: Oh... I love to read your blog. Love your direct and lively way of writing. You're very real and do not say nicey things just to please. I salute you. It's not easy to be "long-winded" and able to get your readers to continue reading your post.

  5. Hi, I really enjoyed your blog, with all the lovely food and recipes that you share with us :)

    Keep it up and keep it going! Jia you!

  6. Congratulations! I like to read your blog as your dishes look very homey and sometime very impress with your creativity. And also admire your good work on all your decorative cake including this one. Keep it up and wish to see more post from you.

  7. Happy Anniversary,
    Can see similarities here on what you wrote!
    But I am indeed encourage on what you are doing. So let's just keeping cooking and writing.

  8. I saw your hello kitty cake on fb already. It is really nice and sweet! :)

    I must be one of the readers who seldom leave comments. But I do read your blog regularly. Happy Blog anniversary! Keep posting! :)

  9. Happy 1st Blog Anniversary! You've come a long way. And trust me, your writing and your blog is not boring at all. In fact, far from boring. I'm always amused and inspired by your creations. That's why I'm your follower and I'm sure your readers would agree with me. :) Keep up with your awesome work.

  10. Happy anniversary! Actually I find your posts very real and easy to read! So no boredom there. :) I agree posting is so time consuming, I salute those that can write up so frequently and with amazing food pics. but most importantly, we enjoy blogging, learn new dishes and make new friends! So hope to see many more anniversary coming! :)

  11. 恭喜你喔

  12. I think you're writing well. Like you, when it comes to cooking, i have to get ready my paper and pencil, that's why sometimes i'm also a bit lazy to post some home cooked dish. Happy anniversary!!

  13. Wow ... that's a beautiful Hello Kitty cake. Happy anniversary ....

  14. Wah... I love yr cake!!! So pretty!!:))

  15. I just discovered your blog yesterday, and I thought you have blogged for 3-4 years, judging from the fotos of your cakes :)

    This is a really lovely hello kitty cake, Happy Anniversary!

    bee @EEWIF

  16. Hi, thanks everyone for leaving me your kind words and encouragement! This is the most number of comments that I received on a single day for a post! Spent the whole day messing in my kitchen, trying out a kueh kueh recipe.

  17. Happy Anniversary!
    I enjoy reading your blog, keep it up.

  18. Happy 1st Anniversary Fong.. The Hello Kitty cake is so beautiful and thanks so much for the tips, didn't know must use coating chocolate ^_^

  19. Happy 1st Anniversary! Love your cook and bakes!

    Wen @ Wen's Delight

  20. 恭喜你了。这个蛋糕很美丽。看来也很精致大方。

  21. Happy Anniversary to Fong kitchen!
    Looking forward more of your beautiful food with love and cares...



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