Monday, September 5, 2011

Pumpkin & Beech Mushrooms in Miso Sauce

This is a simple yet delightful dish - pumpkin and beech mushrooms cooked in miso sauce.  The natural sweetness of the pumpkin blends in nicely with the miso, giving a nice rich gravy.  

To prepare, stir-fry the beech mushrooms lightly with some garlic, add in the pumpkin, follow by miso paste.  Add sufficient water to cover content, add a little mirin, cover and let it simmer for a few minutes, till pumpkin turns soft and the gravy thicken.  How long you cook this dish depends on how soft you like your pumpkin to be.   

While writing this post, I realised that I used pumpkin quite frequently in my dishes:

From top to bottom (L to R):

Perhaps a pumpkin quiche, pie, muffin, cheesecake or scone for my next pumpkin dish ....


  1. Love thsi little pearls,beetch mushrooms and combinbed with te rest in miso soup..I feel warm already:)

  2. Pumpkins are good, so, it's good of you to use them often.
    My hubby hates pumpkin though, LOL.

  3. i LOVE pumpkins! i'm so excited to see so many pumpkin recipes all at once. esp like the sound of the pumpkin cranberry rice and the steamed pumpkin cake(:

  4. I love the roundup of pumpkin dishes in the post! I found that I actually like pumpkin lately (I used to hate it) so I've been trying out a number of dishes. ANd since mushrooms are my have, this is a perfect dish!


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