Saturday, September 3, 2011

Princess Castle Album for a Wonderful Teacher

For the past week, other than baking a strawberry mango cake for Teachers' Day and preparing my usual meals, I have not done much baking/cooking.  I was spending hours on making this princess castle album.  This is a present for little girl's teacher.  She is really a wonderful teacher, a motivator, lots of interesting ideas and takes good care of the children.  My girl has spent two years plus with her and this year she will be graduating from her preschool.  We were also informed of the good news that her teacher will be promoted as the principal next year.  So, this will mark her final year as a Class Teacher.  

I wanted to make something memorable, a keepsake for her teacher.

The castle template is made of chipboard and is available at Spotlight (Plaza Singapura, Level 5).  It comes in plain wood colour and you can decorate the castle with scrapbooking papers and embellishments.  The castle has only 4 chipboards, so I added a few more sections to accommodate more photos and contents.

I filled the album with class photo, the children's photos, poem for her, our note of thanks and of course .... LOTS OF LOVE.

Wishing her the best in her new role and responsibilities.  May she continue to spread her love and passion to all the little ones under her charge.

A wonderful news on 22 Sep:
The school principal told us a wonderful news - my girl's teacher won this year's Outstanding Childcare Teacher Award!  This is an award at the national level, we are so proud of her!  I baked a Chocolate Marshmallow Cake to congrats her.  


  1. 真的好美

  2. This would trully trill the heart of any little Prices.So beautifully done;)

  3. Greatly impressed by your creativeness and talents. Amazing. Theresa

  4. Hi you are really a super great mum. Not only can cook
    Bake well, you Are so creative and very good in your handicraft! Sooo

  5. Thanks all who have left your lovely notes. I think it's good to show people our appreciation for good things that they have done. In a way, this is like a personal gift to a friend. I will surely miss her when my gal leaves school.

  6. where did you get the album from I certainly would appreciate the name of the company if you would not mind judy evans thanks

  7. I bought the album cardboard from Spotlights.


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