Friday, September 9, 2011

Pizza Toast & Angry Bird Bento Workshop

Pizza Toast prepared by my little gal

It was a fun-filled morning.  Kids were busy cutting and stamping away flower and butterfly designs on small pieces of carrots, ham and cheese.  And very carefully, they arranged their art pieces onto their wholemeal toast and bento set.  A BIG THANK YOU to Ellena of Cuisine Paradise, who has kindly conducted this pizza toast cum bento-making kids workshop at her place.  Her initial plan is to organise this workshop for 6 pairs of parents and kids, so that all participants will have a fair chance of  making the toast/bento.  But due to overwhelming response, she opens up another session, in order to accommodate 6 more pairs of parents/kids for this 3-hour workshop.  Phew... salute to her!

Pizza Toast prepared by our junior chefs from 4 to 7 years old

My little girl was all so excited in making her very first bento set!  And I am equally thrilled to meet Ellena in person.  I have been a silent reader of her blog for several years, before getting to know her through Facebook and blogging recently.  

Angry bird bento

While I love cooking, I am not into preparing bento meals for my girl.  I find them time-consuming and wonder if the food will still taste good after all the time spent in decorating the bento.  And since my girl is non-picky over her food, I really have little incentive to prepare bento.  But after this workshop with Ellena, I think I should be able to prepare some simple bento in a few easy steps.  No kids will resist  a cute-looking bento meal!  My girl was so happy to show her friends her angry bird bento and proudly eats up her own creation!  You can refer here for details to prepare the angry bird bento.

What's in a Cupcake:  dark brown and red scrapbook papers, pink foam, crystal, glue dots (for 3D effect)

To thank Ellena for her time and efforts in conducting this workshop, I handmade a little gift for her - a customised kitchen sign and a thank you card.  I wanted to give Ellena a surprise, so instead of packing the gift in  a gift box, I put the kitchen sign and card in a plain cake box.

Kitchen sign on chipboard, decorated with scrapbook papers, pasta and star anise

Flip over, it reads:

Once again, thanks to Ellena for conducting this workshop.  I'm sure the kids had enjoyed themselves (mommies too!).


  1. Thanks WaiFong for your kind words. I am really very touch and appreciate your time in making this beautiful "Kitchen Sign" for me. It's once of the best gift I have :) Thanks pal.

  2. Wow the kids got really creative.I would be having fun too if I was lucky to be in their place

  3. Hi, I have stopped by your blog a couple of times and each time I am left in awe! You really are multi-talented! Amazing stuff from the kitchen with beautiful handcrafts to complement. Awesome indeed!

  4. Very good! I think that you have done a great job! FANTASTIC!!!!
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