Monday, August 8, 2011

Green Papaya Fish Head Soup

Green papaya fish head soup is a traditional confinement soup.  It is believed to help improve the milk supply of breastfeeding moms.  You do not need to be in confinement to enjoy this soup.  This is a light and nourishing soup, suitable for both the young and the elderly.

To prepare this, you will need an unripe green papaya and 1/2 fish head.  The papaya skin is all green and it will remain green for at least a few days ... maybe longer (not sure how long it will stay green cos I cooked it within 3 days from purchase).  If you have sensitive hands, make sure you put on plastic gloves before you peel the papaya skin.  If unripe green papaya is not available, get the usual orange papaya, but buy the firm one.  For the fish head, fry it in the wok with a few slices of ginger over high heat.  This will get rid of the fishy smell and gives a nice milky colour to the soup.

1 unripe green papaya, cut into big chunks
1/2 fish head
A small piece of snow fungus (soak till soft)
A handful of small dried scallops (optional)
A few red dates
A few slices of ginger

1) Heat the wok on very high heat.  Add a little oil.  Fry the fish head on both sides with a few slices of ginger.  When both sides are light brown, add a dash of cooking wine.  Add sufficient water.

2) Transfer content to a casserole or pot.  Add in the papaya, snow fungus, red dates and scallops (if using).  Simmer on low heat for an hour and a half.  Add salt to taste.


  1. I am not sure we can get green papaya here.I know the yellow one if tahat has the same taste?
    Fish heads no problem:)
    Would like tot try:)

  2. 鲸鱼:我超爱这汤,喝它一大碗,都不用吃饭了!

    Dzoli: No problem, you can use the yellow one, as long it is unripe.

  3. confinement lady didn't cook this for me, no wonder I got just a little breast :)

  4. yummycooks: aiyo... never mind, can eat this for your next one :)


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