Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flower Pot Cakes {Tea-Treat for Teachers}

What is a flower pot cake?  It is a cake baked in a flower pot or similar containers, thereafter covered with crushed cookies (such as Oreo) to resemble the soil.  This was my Teachers' Day project with my little girl for last year's Teachers' Day Celebration.  Instead of baking the cakes in flower pots, I just baked them in muffin cases and drop each cake into a IKEA mug, i.e. my mini flower pot.  My little girl had much fun stirring the cake batter, washing/drying the mugs and crushing the OREO cookies.   

My craft paper flowers

To make it special, I made some paper flowers using craft papers and insert each flower into the mug.  Attach a tea-bag with a little note "Teachers' Day Tea-Treat".  So, the gift idea is:  The teacher gets to enjoy the cake, along with a cup of tea (brew using the mug) and keep the paper flower as a gift.

Flower pot cakes for all the Teachers & Staff

We also made a Teachers' Day Card for her class teacher.  On one side is a "crossword puzzle" made up of all the names of the students in the class (plus the teacher's name).  I got this idea after my girl repeatedly asked me to spell the names of her friends (she enjoys writing little notes and drawing princesses pictures for her friends).  I typed, printed and cut out the letters; while my girl carefully arranged her friends' names and stick them onto the card (based on the draft that I prepared for her).  The other side is her class photo (taken during racial harmony day).

DIY Teachers' Day Card

Next week will be Teachers' Day again... how about making a card or DIY a gift to thank your teacher(s)?


  1. WOW! These look awesome!! I wish I'm your daughter's teacher too:D

  2. 你真有心

  3. I'm like Ann, wish i'm your daughter's teacher, hehehe! You are good in doing baking craft.

  4. Actually I heard of those only when I started visiting food blogs.I also so on a Dutch blog stuff to make push cakes(similar to push up ice).

  5. Students here never do such things for their teachers.
    My ex students prefer buying stuff like chocolate, pens.... but my fav is always their handmade cards

  6. Anncoo/Sonia: ha... you sure? I spent in a day at her preschool and had a headache...


    Dzoli: Is it ice-cream cakes on stick?

    Wendy: Most of our students here also buy chocolate, flowers, stationery etc for their teachers. But, I find DIY gifts or cards more meaningful.

  7. so sweet of you & your daughter to come up with such an idea! Awesome :)

  8. May i know where you bought your craft punch?


  9. Hi Soh - Some of the craft punch from Popular bookstores and the bigger ones from Paper Market (outlets at Raffles City, Plaza Singapura and Clementi Mall). Some of the craft materials & ribbons are available at Spotlights too.

  10. I saw the pics of your cakes and I do think you are very talented not just in baking but also in art & craft. You should really open a shop or conduct some baking workshop at home. :)

    bee @EEWIF

  11. super pretty. talented in cooking and crafts ;)

  12. Very nice and pretty idea! I am so tempted to change my project into the flower! Then I will have big headache! Save this for next year! Thanks for sharing!


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