Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pandan Roll & The 3 Little Snails


Sponge (for 30cm x 20cm baking tray)
3 egg yolks + 15g caster sugar
1/2 tsp pandan paste
3 egg whites + 45g caster sugar + a pinch of salt
50g top flour, sifted
50ml coconut milk
A little green food colouring (optional)

Pandan filling:
50g sugar
200ml water
3g agar agar powder
25g hoon kueh flour (green bean flour)
150ml coconut milk
1/2 tsp pandan paste
Pinch of salt

1) Whisk egg yolks and sugar over a pot of hot water till thicken and pale in color.  Add in the pandan paste and mix well.  

2) In another bowl, whisk egg whites, salt and sugar on high speed till peak form; reduce to low speed to whisk for another minute.  Take 1/3 of whites to mix with the yolks; then fold into the remaining whites till combined.  Gently fold the sifted flour (in 2 to 3 batches) into the batter.  

3) Take 1/4 mixture in step (2) and mix with the coconut milk.  Pour the mixture back into the batter and gently mix to combine.

4) Take a small amount of batter and mix in 2 to 3 drops of green food colouring (this is for the green polka dots on the swiss roll).  Pour this into a small piping bag and pipe small dots on baking tray (lined with baking paper).  Pour the remaining batter into the baking tray.  Use a spatula to spread out the batter evenly.  Gently knock the tray on table-top to remove air bubbles trapped in the batter.  Bake in preheated oven at 190C for around 12 minutes.  

5) Remove sponge cake from baking tray immediately and place it on a rack to cool.  After about 5 minutes, flip the sponge onto a clean sheet of baking paper, peel away the backing paper from the sponge and let it cool completely. 

6) To prepare the filling:  Boil water and sugar in a small pot on medium heat till the sugar dissolves.  Mix together the agar agar powder, hoon kueh flour, coconut milk, 
pandan paste and salt.  Pour this mixture into the pot and keep stirring till the mixture thickens.  Remove from heat and continue to stir the mixture for another minute to cool down the filling.  Let it cool slightly before using.

7) Place the sponge (skin side up) on a piece of baking paper.  Use a spatula to spread a thin layer of pandan filling onto the sponge cake and roll it up.  Wrap and chill in the fridge for an hour before slicing.  

And since I have some banana leaves at home, I decided to "dress up" the pandan rolls for an Asian touch.  While looking through the pictures, I thought they looked like little snails ^_^ and hence, I would like to share these three little snails with Aspiring Bakers #9: Swiss Rolling Good Timeshosted by {L} of Obsessedly Involved with Food.

Once upon a time, there were three little snails ......


  1. Nice pandan roll and it looks cute with the presentation.

  2. WOW! You're quick! I was reading your durian green bean and I saw your new post pop up.. hahaa..
    I love the color of this pandan roll and the 3 little snails are so cute sitting on the leaves.

  3. I've never seen anyone using this filling for swiss rolls. You are really creative!
    And the snails.. please come to my garden, I'd be glad to have such cute snails over.

  4. Thanks, Amelia!

    Anncoo: hee... snails said "hi"

    Wendy: I intend to make a pandan layer cake, so testing out the pandan hoon kuey filling... so might as well make into a swiss roll for this month's AB. Ok, snails crawling over soon ...

  5. the last photo of the snails is so cute!

  6. This is so simple but at the same time looks fanatstic:)#cheers for 3 little snails;)

  7. Aiyoyo...this is your fourth swiss rolls for this month and each of them is so... delicious. I can't help myself already lah drooling over all your delicious rolls. ;p

  8. teehee love the little snails! and your swiss roll looks really good! You are like a pro!

  9. Sonia: thanks ^_^

    Dzoli: Pandan chiffon cake is one very popular cake in Singapore. Many tourists (especially HK and TW)love to buy this when going off. It's a simple cake, yet really soft and tasty. So, this is my Swiss roll version of the pandan cake!

    Happy Flour: ha... more to come along!

    Janine: Thanks, not really a pro yet, but has definitely improved along the way.

  10. Hi, this is so lovely n adorable! Your snails are so cute n delicious! Yum!
    May I know is there a substitute for the green bean flour? I can't find it in Australia. But I really love to make this......


  11. I have not tried substituting green bean flour with other flour. Maybe a mixture of custard powder and corn flour? They should thicken the filling for spreading onto the sponge.

  12. Hi Fong. I baked this last nite, it was delicious though my end result was not even half as good as yours. Do you think i could use the same filling for Pandan Layer Cake otherwise known as Pandan Kaya Cake?

    Thanks for sharing. I am trying the pork floss swiss roll next.

  13. Hi Natasya, I'm sure your pandan roll is both delicious and nice. Last time when I made this pandan roll, it was trial and error as I just need some thick and spreadable filling. For the pandan layer cake, the filling needs to be of pouring consistency and it will further thickened when it cools. I have a recipe over here:

    I love the pork floss swiss roll, gonna do this again soon!


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