Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Durian Green Bean Soup - one bowl is not enough

After our hearty 5 plus 1 dinner last weekend, we went on to have durian for our dessert (after a short interval ^_^).   My sis-in-law brought over some durians ....not a few, but 10 durians!  Of course, we have leftover durians.  If you have seen my earlier post on durian swiss roll, I mentioned that while I enjoy durian, I hate dislike chilled durians.  To add on, I simply hate the smell that it "lends" to the fridge, very much like the smell of leaked gas.  When it comes to storing durian in fridge, I adopt the "triple-action" method:  keep in air-tight container (if available), wrap in plastic bag , then seal in a ziplock bag!     

Back to my leftover durians.  I was pondering over what to do with this batch of durian flesh - another durian swiss roll or some more durian puffs?  My mother-in-law offers a better idea - Durian Green Bean Soup!  I have never tasted green bean soup with durian in it!  But since I have a packet of green beans in my kitchen pantry, I am quite excited to try out this new recipe.  

It was surprising good!  The durian does not overpower the taste of the green bean soup.  Instead, it adds a mild durian fragrance and a creamy texture to the green bean soup.  If you are a durian-lover, you will most likely enjoy this dessert.  I'm not sure how this dessert came about, but it must have been passed down from the older generations, where thriftiness is a common practice in every household.  While I would usually discard the few hard and rubbery durian seeds (we called it “蕃薯" in Cantonese), my MIL used them to cook with green bean soup!  It's quite common back in the olden days, when they do not have "branded" durians or guaranteed good durians at affordable prices, like what we get to enjoy now.  

(serves 3 to 4)

150g green beans
A few pandan leaves
About 800ml to 1000ml water (adjust accordingly whether you like to have a thick or thin soup)
Rock sugar or sugar to taste (not too much cos durian is sweet too).
150ml coconut milk 
A tiny pinch of salt
5 heaped tbsp durian flesh, stir with a fork to break down the fibre a little

1) Wash and soak the green beans with some water (enough to fully cover the beans) for 2 to 3 hours.  
2) Combine the soaked green beans, pandan leaves and water in a pot.  Bring to boil and cook over medium-low heat for an hour or more, till the beans are soft.  Discard the pandan leaves and add in the rock sugar (or sugar) and cook for a further 5 to 10 minutes.
3) Stir in the coconut milk, salt and 3 heaped tablespoons of durian flesh (or more if you like it).  Bring it to a gentle boil and remove from heat.
4) Ladle into serving bowls and garnish with a small dollop of durian flesh.

You can serve this dessert hot or cold, but I prefer this nice and warm!


  1. Ohhh OOOOOO!!!! I saw this!!!!!! DUriAN!!!!! I love this dessert and i have durian in the fridge!!!! Yeah!!!

  2. My hubby told me to cook this for him the other day, but somehow i have forgotten his request, hehehe..Thanks for remind me, yours look super yummy!

  3. 我有要煮这个,不过我家那个说好像很恶心,可是我好想试咧:P

  4. Cuisine Paradise: oh yes, you're the ultimate durian lover.... I remember your durian chicken soup! I have not had the "courage" to try it yet ^_^

    Sonia: yeah.... another durian lover! Look forward to your durian green bean soup.

    鲸鱼: 听起来是蛮恶心的 ^_^ 不过吃上一口,就停不了口!

  5. I ma not sure if I remember well but was (now sometime ago) writing about exotic fruits and remember vagely that Durian was not allowed into hotel because of the smell.However I have to say that it was mentioned that it had the most fantastic taste;)

  6. Dzoli: ha... the smell of durian is really strong! It's not allowed to bring into our MRT stations (our Metro system). I'm not sure about durian being banned in our hotels. What I do know is many hotels served a popular durian dessert, Durian Pengat (a kind of rich durian mousse) for their buffet!

  7. The last time I had a bowl of this must be over 10 years ago. My mom used to make this using leftover durian. Here durian is hard to come by.

  8. Cook4Fun: Yes, I know. Even if you do have durian, it's all frozen Thai durians, which has a different taste from the Malaysia's durian.


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