Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sambal Lady's Fingers

I love spicy food, but I hardly cook them at home.  I am totally clueless on how to prepare the rempah (the spice paste), what ingredients to add, how much to use and in which order should I pound the spices, ahem... I mean blend them to make the rempah.  So, my quick-fix solution for preparing spicy food is A1 instant curry paste or ready-to-use bottled sambal sauce.

This is my new bottle of sambal udang, a "souvenir" from Club Med Cherating.  I attended a cooking class during my vacation at Club Med.   I casually asked the chef where did they get their yummy sambal chili (a generous portion is always placed at the buffet table for self-service) and without hesitation, the chef turned around and gave me a bottle!  Really nice of him ....  I tried to look for this brand of sambal chili sauce in  Kuantan, but cannot find it :(

For this sambal lady's fingers, I briefly blanched the lady's fingers in hot water (with a pinch of salt and little oil).  Heat up a little oil in wok, stir fry some chopped garlic, add a heaped tablespoon of sambal chili and stir fry till fragrant.  Add the blanched lady's fingers and stir well to combine.  Add a tiny bit of water to prevent burning.


  1. I've always wanted to try okra but I never knew what to make of it...Thanks for the wonderful idea...:D)!!

  2. Lady's fingers are my favorite vegetable and cooked with sambal is my fave dish! (with dried shrimp is super nice too!)

  3. ooohhh... lady's finger, yum....and with sambal is HEAVEN on earth... :D


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