Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rest and Relax @ Club Med Cherating

Relax and be pampered at the Club Med Resort

We took a relax vacation at Club Med Cherating just before the start of the June school holiday.  We have never been on a resort holiday before, so this is quite a new experience for us.  Basically, Club Mediterranean (or Club Med in short) offers an all-inclusive resort vacation, i.e. you pay for one price that includes accommodation at the resort, all meals, free flow of beverages (including a wide range of liquors and cocktails), guided sports activities, entertainment (games and shows) etc.  If you hate to read up on travel guides or surf internet for tons of information prior to travelling or simply put off by the idea of group tour or just want a rest and relax trip, but would still like to have some activities whilst on holiday, Club Med resort is the ideal holiday for you.  We did minimal planning, except to look up in Google map, for the self-drive direction from Singapore to Cherating Beach.

It's a long drive up to Cherating, approximately 6 hours plus

We crossed the causeway to Malaysia at around 8 am, entered into highway <E2> and drove towards KL direction.  After an hour, we exited E2 at Yong Peng and have our brunch at Yuan Yean Fishball Soup (along the main road).  Saw some newspapers cuttings pasted in the shop that this is an old-time stall selling the famous Yong Peng fishballs.  Personally, I do not find their fishballs, soup or noodles fantastic.  They are just average and the soup has lots of MSG.  But the otak is good (RM 8 for a big piece) with a nice taste and texture.  There are not many eateries around here during daytime, so I guess this is the best place to have breakfast or lunch while driving up north to Malaysia.

Fishball soup, Fuzhou fishballs, Yong Tau Foo, Otak, Noodles

We reached Club Med at around 2.30pm, checked-in, took a short guided tour around the resort by a friendly GO (Gracious Organiser).  In Club Med, the staffs are referred to as "Gracious Organisers" while the guests are GM - Gracious Members.  

Evening and night view at Club Med

A special feature of a Club Med holiday is that the GOs and GMs play and dine together!  At day time, the GOs perform their respective duties (be it an instructor for a sport activity, or your bartender or the mini-club leader).  In the evening, the GOs will change into their formal evening wear (or special dress theme for the evening), mingle around and join the guests for dinner, and perform at the daily night show.  There is a new theme and show for each night (I think for a stretch of seven nights) so you will not be watching the same show or performance every night (unless you stay there for more than a week!).  

Dance, comedy, musical, games - there is something new for every night's show

This is good food while holidaying!  All meals - breakfast, late breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner are provided for.  Daily breakfast is standard buffet items with local favorites (nasi lemak and plain porridge with simple sides), western fares (scambled eggs, sunny side-up, omelette, toast and ham etc), Japanese breakfast (miso soup, fish, pumpkin and rice), assorted breads and pastries, cereals, fruits, yogurt and beverages.  Lunch buffet offers twice the spread for breakfast.  The most sumptuous meal of the day is the dinner buffet, which includes Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Korea, Indian cuisines, salad bar & appetisers and a mouth-watering spread of desserts!  The best thing is they change their buffet menu for the various cuisines everyday, so there are always something new and interesting each day!  

Some of the food that I had while on holiday!

It is truly a gastronomic feast each time we step into the restaurant.

I love desserts and appetisers!

If going through the buffet line is too over-whelming and involves too much decision-making for you, you can make your dinner reservation at the quiet restaurant by the beach.  The dinner has a small selection of appetisers and main courses.  My hubby ordered the classic rack of lamb while I had the poached salmon with coconut & lemongrass cream.  Both were nicely prepared and presented.  Desserts were bitter chocolate mousse and green tea tiramisu.  

Dinner at the beach restaurant

With all the good food and extra calories piled on during vacation, we really need to EXERCISE!  We have no excuses not to do so, since there are many sports and activities that we can join.  If you scrutinise the programs below, you will see certain activities for kids.  In Club Med, kids can join their own mini-clubs (three different age groups: toddlers, kids and teens) and the GOs will take care of them while the parents can take part in their own activities.  Every day after breakfast, we will bring our little girl to her mini-club, where she will join her new friends for archery, golf, circus lessons (flying trapze and bungee trampoline), pool games, sailing, beach games etc.  She loves her mini-club leaders and really enjoys the activities there.  This is one vacation where kids do not get bored and sleep very well at night (after a day of fun-filled activities!) ^_^

As an Eco-friendly resort, they do not print the daily programs for guests (probably they have it upon request).  Instead, the program sheets are pasted at the noticeboard near the poolside for guests to check. Basic toiletries items such as shower gel, shampoo, hair moisturiser and hand soap are provided and replenished daily.  Towels are provided and changed when left on the sink.

Sports and activities at Club Med.

My favorite activities: archery, badminton, table tennis, kayak and lazing by the pool.  Tried the bungee trampoline - my first attempt: screamed and closed my eyes.  By the second and third attempts, I feel like a bird (though still too scared to do a somersault in the air).  My little girl amazes me with her stunt at the flying trapeze.  Wow, I think she's really brave!  

Some of the sports activities: archery, sailing, flying trapeze, kayak, bungee trampoline, rock climbing

Even if you are not into sports, you can simply relax, take a stroll around the resort and enjoy the scenery, or do nothing and just laze around by the pool with a book and a refreshing cocktail ...

Enjoy the scenery at the resort

Other than some irritating mosquitoes and cute little lady bugs, we also spotted a group of monkeys "playing" near our room (we were advised by our GOs to keep our door/windows shut and locked at all times!) and a monitor lizard at the beach.  If you like to take a closer look at the wild life around the resort, there is a thrice-weekly 45-minute jungle walk in the late afternoon. There is also a tour to the turtle sanctuary, just outside Club Med (set up by the Malaysia government) - admission is free.  

Some special guests ...

Hmmmm .....  what's for dinner tonight?  Perhaps something simple and light, after these few days of indulgence ...


  1. I see not much changes in Club Med. I went there the 1st time in 1988 and the last time was 2002. It is all about the food there and they were good :)

  2. wow.. that's twenty over years ago! The meals are sure good, but after a few meals, I mainly zoom in on a few items. I guess what makes the club med holidays unique are the people (GOs) and the friendly culture there. Very relax and good chance to try some sports activities that I would not have attempted at all.

  3. May I know whether the cakes & tarts there taste as good as it looks?

  4. The desserts are generally good for buffet standard, but of course with a few misses and a few good ones. I tried the apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream - very yummy. But gosh, the next day, they are not serving apple pie anymore (see... the menu changes every day), but then, there were chocolate mousse cake, a sticky caramel walnut cake and other cakes and pastries.
    And I love their freshly squeezed fruit juice (orange, watermelon, honeydew, grapefruit) served during breakfast. I mean real fruit juice, not from concentrates.


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