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My Hong Kong & Shenzhen Food Trail (Finale)

Here are some other restaurants that I tried during my recent trip to Shenzhen:


This HK-style cafeteria has several outlets in Shenzhen.  I went to the one near to Fumin MTR station (福民站 ) as we were staying nearby.  Fumin station is one station away from the Shenzhen checkpoint at 福田口岸, after crossing from Hong Kong at Lok Ma Chau (落马洲).  The place was very crowded during lunch time.  It has many varieties of HK-style porridge, rice, noodles, stir-fries and even western food!  The roast goose was really good, much better than the one I tried at Yung Kee in Hong Kong.  The meat was well-flavoured and tender.  The price tag?  It's around RMB120 for half a roast goose (that's about half the price charged by Yung Kee!).  The roast meat while crispy, has a tad too much salt and lacks the roast meat fragrant.  Other dishes like blanched vegetables and a simple stir-fry were fairly average.  

This is one of the better HK-style cafeterias that I tried in Shenzhen.  Generally, Hong Kong serves better  food and provides better services in such cafeterias.  For the same-name cafeteria, (says 翠华餐厅), the food at the Shenzhen outlet was no where comparable to the one I had in Hong Kong (near to Jordan MTR station).  The soup was bland and the noodle has no texture.  On another occasion, I tried the 肠粉 (rice flour rolls) and porridge at the shop "世家肠粉店" (Fumin MTR, Exit D).  The rice flour rolls were tough and the porridge is full of MSG.  We have better rice flour rolls and porridge locally.   Above all, as the Hong Kong government has banned smoking in many public places, including cafeterias, we had a pleasant smoke-free environment for dining for the first few days of our trip.  To our horror, when we crossed over to Shenzhen, smoking and puffing away in air-con cafeterias is the norm.  I hate to imagine the amount of second-hand smoke that I had inhaled over there.  I think smoking is banned in proper restaurants in Shenzhen (cos no smell detected), but not for cafeterias. 

Location map: 

Direction:Fumin station, 福民站 (Exit D). There's a big supermarket, 人人乐.  Walk along Jintian Road (金田路), turn left to Fumin Road.



This is one of the popular restaurants in Shenzhen for Jiangxi cuisines.  Located on the 3rd floor of a high-end shopping mall, COCO park, this mid-priced restaurant is quite nicely decorated.  Some of the recommended dishes here are the clay pot soup (瓦罐汤), hot-plate fish (铁板鲈鱼) and lotus roots with osmanthus (桂花莲).  We did not order any clay pot soup as they were left with only the pork rib corn soup.  Despite it being a popular restaurant and with the so-called modern stylish decor, the food was just average.   Of the dishes that we ordered, I enjoyed the cloud ears salad (凉拌云耳), hot-plate fish (铁板鲈鱼) and stewed meat with preserved vegetable (梅菜扣肉).  The rest are passable, except for one dish - the xiao long bao (小笼包).  The skin was tough, meat was dried w/o a drop of gravy.  For goodness sake, take it off the menu!

Spent: About RMB350 for 6 pax

Recommended: ermmm ..... there are many restaurants in COCO park, take your time to shop around.

Location: COCO Park, 3rd floor (购物公园 MTR station)

The last time when I went to COCO Park, I tried the Super Steak (超级牛扒).  Nice ambiance and good food.  The place is very crowded during lunch/dinner hours.  Go there early.  Try the store's specialty, 果木熏牛扒.  The meat was tender and nicely grilled with a fruity wood aroma.  Worth trying.

In addition to dining around, we also went shopping in a local wet market and prepared a simple home-cooked meal, as we were staying with my brother-in-law, who is working in Shenzhen.  To me, a visit to the local market and super-market is a MUST-SEE, MUST-DO item when I go on tour.  I simply love those self-drive trips, where you go around and explore leisurely, shop around in their local market for some fresh produce and whip up something to eat, if equipped with a small kitchen.  

Here's what we have:

Lots of vegetables, pork knuckles in vinegar, pumpkin pork ribs soup

Have you seen this unique vegetable before?  It is called 莴笋or 莴苣 (asparagus lettuce).  It can be used in soup, stir-fry or in this case, we had it as a salad (凉拌菜).  It is sweet and crunchy and makes a nice good salad.

I was too busy looking around in the wet market, buying and carrying food that I forgot to snap pictures of the wet market.  Anyway, lots of fresh vegetables stalls with many interesting vegetables.  The best thing is:  They are very AFFORDABLE, especially when you convert the spending into SGD!  My mum bought some baby Shanghai greens (about 300g) for RMB2.50, which is just S$0.50!  It would have costs S$2.00 for a similar packet in our wet market.  She even got a huge green pepper for free!  

We went back to Hong Kong airport for our return flight to Singapore.  As we took the Tiger Airway, it's better for us to fill our tummy before boarding the plane.  We had another round of dim sum breakfast at 潮楼 (another restaurant under the 稻香 group) before coming home.

Location:  Hong Kong Airport, Terminal 2, Level 6 (Open from 7 am to 11 pm).

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