Friday, April 29, 2011

My Hong Kong & Shenzhen Food Trail (Part 2)

Day 2: Breakfast at 翠华餐厅


Dining at a Hong Kong-style cafeteria (茶餐厅) is a must-do item when you are in Hong Kong.  There are so many cafeterias with their wide variety of dishes and beverages that you will be spoiled for choice.  For our Day 2 breakfast, we went to 翠华餐厅 (Parkes Street outlet), which is just a 5-minute walk from where we stayed.  There are many other 翠华 outlets in Hong Kong.  The restaurant is famous for its 奶油猪仔包 (baguette toast) and  鱼蛋粉 (fish ball noodle soup).  The top left picture is fish paste in bean curd puff with thick bee hoon in a rich and flavourful fish soup (鱼腐米线).  The fish paste is made from 鳞鱼, a specialty in Shunde (顺德), a city in the Guangdong province.  鳞鱼 is a popular item in Hong Kong and mainly used in dishes such as 鳞鱼球粥,炸鳞鱼球, 蒸鳞鱼生菜 etc.  Our local Crystal Jade restaurants used to have 鳞鱼球粥 in their menu or upon request.  But now, they seem to have taken this out (sigh...).  

Spent: Breakfast sets around HK$25 to HK$29 each.  

Recommended:  Try their  fish ball, fish paste soup - REALLY GOOD with homemade taste.  We did not order the  奶油猪仔包, but it looks very tempting (customers at the next table ordered this).  Thumbs up for their coffee - thick and smooth.

Location77-78 Parkes Street, Jordan MTR, Exit A

After breakfast, we were all ready to take the 250 over steps up the wisdom path to where the Big Buddha (天坛大佛) is seated, at the Lantau Island.

To get there: Take the MTR to Tung Chung Station (Exit B), then take Ngong Ping Cable Car.

While you can also catch a ferry there, the cable car ride offers a spectacular bird's eye view of the Lantau Island.  There are two types of cable car - standard or crystal cabin.  The crystal cabin is equipped with a glass bottom, so you literally have the mountain and sea underneath your feet.  You can also take a 3.5 hours guided tour of Lantau Island by Ngong Ping 360, which covers a few places of attractions on the island.   This is quite a good deal if you have half a day to spend at Lantau Island.

The Big Buddha statue looks magnificent and you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you reached to the top (catch your breath and remember to enjoy the scenic view from atop!).  To reward ourselves for the vertical marathon that we have just completed, we tried the famous 山水豆腐花 (bean curd jelly)  at one of the shops just below the Big Buddha.

滑溜溜的豆腐花+ 香浓姜汁糖浆

Day 2: Lunch at 镛记酒家
Our next stop:  To search for the famous 飞天烧鹅 (loosely translated as "the roast goose that fly").  Not just fly, but fly across to countries all over the world!  

镛记超名气烧鹅,生鱼片炒芥兰, 皮蛋酸姜,猪扎蹄, 香炸豆腐

Mention roast goose, most people will think of Yung Kee Restaurant.  It has been four years since I last went to Yung Kee.  I had a great dining experience then.  The roast goose was fantastic - the skin was crispy and the meat was tender.  So this time, with my mum and MIL together on this trip, I went back to this voted No. 12 of the Asia's Top 20 finest restaurant by the Miele Guide 2010.  The century egg is still nice with a soft centre, served with slices of preserved ginger.  However, the rest of the dishes were a great disappointment.  While the flavorings of the roast goose was good,  the meat was too tough (must be an old goose)!  The other dishes were either too bland (the fried tofu) or too tough to chew (the fish slices).  The pig trotter slices is supposed to be an award-winning dish, but I do not find it tasty at all.  We also had a fish maw chicken soup.... errmmm... but hardly see any fish maw in it  :(

Spent: The bill was around HK$600 (Half a roast goose costs HK$250).

Recommended:  There are far better roast goose at better price elsewhere.  Can skip this place.  

Location: 32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong (Central MTR, Exit D2)

Back to Jordan station with a less than satisfying lunch, we took the Exit D and headed towards Tsim Sha Tsui, along Nathan Road.  After five minutes of walking, we detected a nice aroma of baked biscuit.  We followed our nose and found the popular Hong Kong's street snack - 鸡蛋仔:

One serving of 鸡蛋仔 for HK$15 - crispy on the outside and resembles a bunch of grapes

Next, we made a U-turn, crossed Nathan Road and took a left turn towards Parkes Street.  This street is lined with many fantastic eateries worth visiting.  Before this Hong Kong trip, I read good reviews about this Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司), famed for its steamed milk pudding and scrambled egg with toast.  

杏汁炖蛋,蛋白炖鲜奶 (HK$22 each)

I saw online pictures of long queues forming outside the shop.  Luckily, we waited for only 5 minutes to get into the shop.  Funny enough, there was not a table for five of us.  Instead, the waiter showed us to a table with four diners (who had finished or were about to finish their food) and an empty seat.  We felt rather embarrassed as it was very obvious that the waiter was chasing people to leave once they had finished their food.  No slow-munching or chit-chatting is allowed here.  Order, eat and leave is their motto.  

As for the steamed milk pudding, the texture is like soft jelly, quite smooth with a pleasant taste.  But I prefer the earlier bean curd jelly over at Lantau Island as the texture and taste is better.  Overall, I can't see why the raves over this cramped little shop.  Perhaps is another miracle created by the can-do will-do Hongkongers or another "must-see, must-try" itinerary for the tourists.


Directions: Jordan MTR, Exit D: 鸡蛋仔 and Exit C2 for Australia Dairy Co

I Can Sing A Rainbow -  A Symphony Concert For Kids
Our initial plan is to catch Jacky Cheung's concert at Hung Hom on Easter Friday.  Too bad, tickets fully sold out for all possible days that we were in Hong Kong.  Plan B - enjoy the breeze and scenic night view in front of the Hong Kong Harbour Front, before "catching a rainbow" at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall:

Professional symphony orchestra with a light-hearted setting

Day 2: Supper at 糖朝

After concert, we crossed Salisbury Road and strolled along Canton Road towards "The Sweet Dynasty".  I like the name as it is very eye-catching and easy to remember.  糖朝 has a nice decor right from the entrance to the interior of the restaurant.


Besides having a wide variety of desserts, it has various types of porridge, noodles and dishes in its menu.  We ordered porridge, noodles and two desserts (I could have just eat their desserts alone for main course!).  Nothing fantastic or close to Hong Kong's standard for their porridge and noodles, yet it costs us double the usual prices at other HK cafes!  Bad choice!  We should have taken a light dinner at one of the nearby cafes first, before hopping over for its desserts.  Thumbs up for the rich walnut cream with silky smooth bean curd jelly.  I think I can easily finish two bowls of this!  However, the mango sago with pomelo failed terribly.  The mango puree is too diluted (my mum and MIL prefer their mango sago at 满记, another popular dessert chain in Hong Kong).

Spent:  About HK$300 for dinner and desserts.

Recommended:  Jelly bean curd.  Great place for desserts and chit-chatting before or after shopping.

Location100 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (Tsim Sha Tsui MTR, Exit A1)

Coming up next ....  

Day 3 Food Trail

Breakfast at 美心皇宫酒家 (沙田)
Claypot Teochew Porridge at 深运潮洲粥 (深圳)
Sichuan Dinner at 俏江南 (深圳)


  1. Jealous max...!! I wish could be in Hong Kong right now, my parents will go on a business trip to China soon, I wish I could go with them...!


  3. hi, what other roast goose restaurants do you recommend other than yung kee?

  4. Hi Nat, sad to say, I did not spend much time in HK and yet there are so many food that I want to try, so other than Yung Kee, I did not manage to try roast goose in other restaurants in HK.


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