Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Hong Kong & Shenzhen Food Trail (Part 1)

Day 1: Breakfast at 得如茶楼饼家

皮蛋瘦肉粥,叉烧肠粉,韭菜猪红, 烧卖,虾饺,牛肉球,凤爪

This is a typical old-time neighbourhood dim sum restaurant.  The place looks old and run-down, but it was very crowded when we were there around 8.30 am on Thursday.  We shared a table with a middle-aged man, who was reading papers and sipping tea after his breakfast (it is a norm to share table  in Hong Kong).  The food was generally ok (similar to our Crystal Jade), but you must be prepared for the very little or no service from this restaurant.   The best item is the garlic chives with pig's blood (韭菜猪红).  This dish is practically "lost" in Singapore as pig's blood is no longer available in our local market.  

Spent:  About HK$120, including tea for 4 pax.

Recommended: Garlic chives with pig's blood (韭菜猪红)

Location: 378 Shanghai Street, 2nd floor, Yau Ma Tei MTR (Exit A1)

After breakfast, we went to the Wong Tai Sin Temple (黄大仙祠) - take MTR to Wong Tai Sin station.

Day 1: Lunch at 池记


Located on the 4th floor of Langham Place Shopping Mall, Mongkok, this restaurant offers value for money set lunches with a clean and nice ambience.  Choose your main course (porridge, noodle or rice) from the A, B, C or D menu + dessert, blanched vegetable or a snack (from HK$49 to HK$72).  Top up HK$3 for a glass of homemade barley or soya bean milk (usual price: HK$14) when you ordered a set lunch.  We ordered two set lunches - braised pork knuckle set and braised pork soft bone set; and a bowl of porridge.  Both set lunches were served with steamed rice with chopped vegetable/ham.  The pork knuckles and soft pork literally melts in your mouth and radish is full of flavours from the rich gravy.  The homemade barley drink was very good with a refreshing hint of orange peel (橙皮).  The only disappointing dish was the deep fried prawn roll in beancurd sheet, which was super tough to chew (this was the snack item, should have ordered the soy braised chicken wings instead).  

Spent: About HK$160, including tea for 4 pax.

Recommended:  Braised pork soft bones with radish (猪软骨焖萝卜), steamed rice with chopped vegetables/ham (菜饭), barley drink.

LocationHong Kong Langham Place Shopping Mall, 4th Floor, Mongkok MTR (Exit C3)

After lunch, we crossed over to the other side of Nathan Road and took a stroll down Tung Choi Street (女人街).  We stopped by at the cross junction of Nelson Street and Tung Choi Street, to savour the traditional herbal dessert - Chinese herbal jelly (龟苓膏) at 恭和堂:

We went back to our hotel for a short rest, and thereafter, I took a stroll along Nathan Road, starting from Jordan towards Yau Ma Tei.  Along the way, I stopped by a dessert shop (near Temple street) and have my favorite dessert:


Then, it was shopping at a local bake ware supplies shop,  二德惠 (Twinsco), near to Yau Ma Tei MTR.  In fact, this shop was just diagonally across the restaurant where I had breakfast in the morning.  After shopping, I crossed the street (Shanghai Street) to a small confectionery shop (besides 7-eleven) that sells bread and  freshly baked egg tarts.  The egg tart has a flaky skin with a soft and smooth custard filling, and not too sweet.  The best thing is - it costs only HK$30 (S$0.50) a piece!  I forgot to take a picture of the egg tart, but this is really one good find in Hong Kong.

Day 1: Dinner at 稻香超級漁港 (佐敦)


We had our dinner rather late at around 9.30pm.  Not wanting to travel too far away,  we decided to try this restaurant,  稻香超级渔港, which is just two streets away from my hotel.  哎呀.... just after we placed orders for our food, I looked around and realised that we should have tried their steamboat instead, as many diners were having steamboat and the spread looks good! 

Spent: About HK$280 for 5 pax, including tea and a stir-fry vegetable dish (not in above picture)

Recommended:  Try the steamboat.

Location: 378 Nathan Road, 2nd Floor (Nathan Hotel), Jordan MTR (Exit B1)

Coming up next .....

Breakfast at 翠华餐厅
Smooth as silk 山水豆腐花 at Lantau Island
Roast goose lunch at 镛记酒家
Local snack: 北角鸡蛋仔
杏汁炖蛋 at Australia Dairy Company
Supper at 糖朝 (The Sweet Dynasty)

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