Friday, April 1, 2011

Chicken & Potato Stir-Fry in Bean Paste Sauce

A colourful and appetising dish that is excellent with plain rice

This is a quick stir-fried dish (快炒) and needs only three basic ingredients - chicken, bell pepper and potato.

(serves 3)

2 to 3 pieces of chicken thigh meat (de-boned, cut into bite-sized)
1/3 bell pepper (cut into bite-sized)
1 potato (peeled, cut into cubes)
2 stalks spring onion (cut into 2" lengthwise)
3 to 4 cloves garlic (cut into thick slices)
2 slices ginger
Cornstarch solution (1/2 tsp corn flour + 1 tbsp water)

Marinate the chicken (at least an hour):
1 tbsp soy sauce
Dash of pepper
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp water
1 tsp corn flour

Seasoning sauce for gravy (mix together):
1 tsp black bean paste
1/2 tsp chilli bean paste
1 tbsp ketchup
1 tbsp vinegar
1 tbsp mirin (or 1 tsp sugar)

1) Heat about 1/2 cup oil in wok on medium heat.  Fry the potato till golden brown.  Remove and set aside.
2) With the remaining hot oil, fry the garlic slices till light golden brown.  Remove and set aside.
2) Blanch the bell pepper in the hot oil for 30 seconds and remove.  Set aside.
3) Pour out excess oil, leaving about 1 tbsp of oil in wok.  Turn the heat on high.  Add the ginger.
4) Add in the chicken and stir-fry quickly.  When the chicken changes colour, add in the combined seasoning sauce and quickly stir-fry to release aroma.  Add in the potato and stir-fry to combine.
5) Add water (enough for sauce) and let the contents cook for about a minute (no need to cover) for the flavour to combine.
6) Add the bell pepper, spring onion, fried garlic slices and stir well to combine.
7) Thicken the sauce with cornstarch solution.
8) Serve hot immediately.

I made another easy vegetable stir-fry dish with garlic, chilli and preserved bean curd (腐乳).


  1. Hi,
    I have an award for you. Please check out my blog post:

  2. I always find having bean paste around very hand, you can whip up a quick yet delicious stir fry in just minutes...! I love it that you add potatoes too to the chicken!

  3. Hi Passionate about Baking, Thanks for passing e award to me.
    Cooking Gallery - I absolutely love bean paste too. I had this idea of adding potato after watching a TV program. I can't remember exactly what sauce/ seasoning was used on e show, so just use bean paste since can't go too wrong with it.


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