Monday, March 21, 2011

Mad About Mango!

From left to right: Mango Mousse Cake, Mango Sago, Mango Roll

Oh yes, I love mangoes!  From $1.99 for three mangoes to $2.99 for five mangoes, I have been happily grabbing up these sweet and juicy offers!

And to share my madness over mango, I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #5, hosted by Jess of Bakericious.

Easy recipe for making Mango Sago
(serves 6 to 8)

3 to 4 mangoes (I used Thai sweet mangoes)
6g agar agar powder
1/2 cup sago pearls
800ml mango juice (store bought)
Ice-cubes (optional) - to dilute the mango mixture
2 to 3 heap tbsp of vanilla ice-cream (optional) - gives a smooth & creamy texture (adds flavour too)


1) Mango puree: Combine one mango with about 150ml mango juice in a blender and blend till smooth.  Keep in fridge 
[Note: You can puree two or more mangoes if using less mango juice.  If using 100% mango puree without any store-bought mango juice, you may want to make some light sugar syrup to blend together with the mangoes]

2) Mango-flavoured agar agar: Combine 250ml mango juice with 250ml water in pot.  Add agar agar powder, bring content to boil and remove from heat.  When agar agar has set, cut into very small cubes and chill in fridge till ready to serve.

3) Sago pearls:  Soak the sago pearls in some water while bringing a pot of water to boil (make sure you have a big pot of water - I used about 1.5 to 2 litres).  When water starts boiling, add the sago pearls into the pot and cook till the sago pearls turn translucent.  Turn off heat, cover the pot and let sago rest for another 5 minutes in pot.  Pour sago pearls into a sieve and rinse it under cold tap water.  Drain excess liquid.  Mix about 100ml mango juice with the sago pearls and chill in fridge.

When ready to serve:
1) Cut mango cubes from 2 mangoes.
2) In a big serving bowl, stir 300ml mango juice with the chilled sago pearls to separate the pearls.  Mix in mango cubes, mango puree, mango-flavoured agar agar.  
3) For a creamier option, stir in the vanilla ice-cream and let it dissolve into the mango mixture.
4) Add some ice-cubes to dilute the mixture, if necessary.

Check out recipes for mango mousse cake and mango roll.

Like to see more of my fruity creations?  Click here for a summary of all the fruity treats in March and participate in a GIVEAWAY (Event ending on 8 April 2011).


  1. wow, wow and wow! all 3 of your mango desserts look absolutely delicious!!!

  2. thanks Janine ... ha, they're yum yum yum!

  3. I love mangoes too esp mango ice cream but very hard to find it now :(

  4. Hahaha... I also managed to grab some, 5 for $2.99 ^_^

  5. I love mangoes too but over here they are expensive. Is $1.00 for one small one. I am eyeing your swiss roll. It is time to attempt making it again.

  6. ICook: usually the price here is around $1+ for Thai mango, and $3 to $4 for TW and Aus mangoes. I guess is over-supply. I saw some buy as many as 15 mangoes in one go!

  7. Is the mango sago something like 杨枝甘露 ??
    Going to try soon ...
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. yes, this is similar to 杨枝甘露, but I did not add pomelo and coconut milk (or evaporated milk).

  9. All your mango themed dessert is so yummy :) Especially your swiss roll. So perfectly done !

  10. Hi Weng, thanks for dropping by. I love the mango roll too! I just went over to your blog, but cannot view any of the images. Will drop by again.

  11. I love mango fruit .... here your provide so many yummmy variety of mango delights ... I cannot resist anymore, I want all ... :)


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