Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Fruitful March & {Giveaway}

Top to bottom (left to right):
Pear Tart  -  Fruit Terrine  -  Pineapple Rice  -  Pineapple Salad

What a fruitful March!  After listing down all the bakes/dishes that I have made for this month (involving a fruit item), I am pretty amazed at my own productivity ^_^ (ha... pardon me).

(Note: Delivery of gifts restricted to Singapore and Malaysia only)

In addition, March calls for a celebration with a simple giveaway - my blog hits the first 10,000 views since I started blogging 6 months ago!  I'm no celebrity blogger, so I am pleasantly surprised to have visitors "dropping by" with kind words and to read what's cooking in my kitchen.  To share my joy of cooking and baking with you, here's my little giveaway - my self-assembled basic cookie starter-kit:

Giveaway Cookie Starter-kit:  Wilton 6 pc heart-shaped cookie cutter set, 15 lollipop sticks, 15 cookie bags, 15 aluminium foil strips, 3 disposable piping bags (for icing).

If you are interested to participate in this giveaway, simply provide your nameemail address (if you do not have a blog) and tell me which is your favorite pick among my March fruity creations in the comment box below by 8 April 20112359hrs:

I will pick one lucky reader on 9 April 2011 using an online randomizer and announce the result on 10 April 2011.  Please note that delivery of giveaway item is restricted to Singapore and Malaysia only.

Good luck! 

Updated 10 April 2011:  Result  for this giveaway is out!  Are You the Lucky One?

My Top 5 Picks:

This is one of my best swiss rolls - soft sponge with my favorite fillings and properly rolled up without a crack. 

Despite my failed attempt in making this as a roll, I love the texture of this spongy chocolate cake.  The banana has a sweet caramel taste with a light touch of rum in it.  The sponge is moist even though I did not brush it with sugar syrup.  I guess the chocolate whipped cream + caramel banana provides all the moisture that it needs for a yummy treat.

With only 3 basic ingredients - fresh pineapple, turnip and cucumber, this appetising salad is a good example that a delicious recipe can be simple and easy to prepare.

This is a classic french dessert, with recipe adapted from Dorie Greenspan, the author of the cook book "Baking from My Home to Yours".  From poaching the pear in sugar syrup, preparing the dough, to making the almond cream fillings, this is a time-consuming dessert.  But the time spent is worth every effort when you take a bite into this delicious pear tart.

So, what is my top choice?  Make a guess before reading on ....

My top favorite!

Yes, this is my favorite of all the fruity creations that I made for this month.  Unlike other desserts where you will feel a little "gelak" once you had the second helpings, this is THE DESSERT where you will feel light and refreshed.  I love the vibrant colours and the natural sweetness of the fruits.  

My Top 5 picks for this month's fruity treats


  1. I like the fruit terrine! So colourful and appetising, and like what you'd said, probably very refreshing too!

  2. is my first time reading your blog and im equally proud of you at your productivity! so many nice and lovely bakes! my favourite is mango roll. i've not tried any roll before and yours is like the perfect one for me to model on. CONGRATS to you (: your lovely blog will definitely have more visitors and friends (:

  3. so many attractive creation but i still loves fruit terrine! i loves the combination of the fruits and eating cold jelly will nv get sick of it ;)

  4. I like your pineapple salad! Because it's pretty warm lately and pineapples are good for clearing the heatiness caused!! Ooooh and it's my favourite fruit of all :D

  5. I like the Banana caramel choco cake. Mouthwatering and great combi! Very tempted to try it!


  6. My choice will be the Avocado Cheesecake with Gula Melaka. What a innovative and clever idea.... This is truly a fusion of east meets west!
    Indra Vijay

  7. Hey, your pear tart is my top pick as I have tried dorie's French apple cake and would love to try out her other recipe. ;)

  8. I love all actually but Mango roll best! *slurps*


  9. Wow it's hard to imagine that you only started 6 months ago with the number of recipes you've accomplished! There are so many of your recipes that I like - I've tried the banana choco roll as well, and I love it, same for the pear tart, and I referred to your recipe for cake pops just a few days ago!

    BUT my ultimate favorite has got to be the banana coconut pie! I've always been looking for a similar recipe and I'm going to try it soon :D

  10. You a a great cook. All looks yummy n delicious to me. I especially like the "Fruity Bento". Like you, I always believe in home prepared food for kids. Thanks.


  11. First time here. I discover ur lovely blog through Aspiring Bakers. My pick is the fruit terrine. It looks refreshing and pretty, like crystal.

  12. Hi Fong,
    If I can only choose one, my pick would be Fruit Terrine. Awesome!

  13. Hi,
    Was attracted by yr mango roll . So temping, as I'm a mango lover. Hope to have a chance to try it. :p


  14. My favourite is mango roll though they are look so good and inspiring !! Looks so light and fluffy and not to mention perfectly rolled!!

  15. Hai...this is my 1st time reading ur blog. I love baking and its so inspiring...i love ur blog n all ur recipes. But frankly, i love ur banana caramel choc cake. Nyummy!!

    Nur Hafiza

  16. Thanks everyone for taking time to participate in this giveaway. Congrats Eileen, you are the owner for this set of cookie cutters! I have sent you an email for the postal details.

  17. Hi,I love your blog and recipes. I am a working mum.I cooked almost everyday for dinner for family of 4.


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