Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fruit Terrine

With plentiful of berries at the supermarket, this is a good time to make this jelly fruit terrine!  What's more, we are looking at Fruity March - a colourful, delicious and healthy month ahead!  Thanks to bakericious for coming up with this wonderful theme for this month's Aspiring Bakers.  I'm gonna submit this as my entry for this month's fruity theme.  More details on this baking event over here.

This is a relatively easy dessert to make, just a little time-consuming as you need to place one layer of fruits covered in jelly, set in fridge, then follow with another layer of fruits and jelly.  Over here, I have five layers of fruits (bottom-up): raspberries and pears, peaches, blueberries, peaches, strawberries.  You can use other fruits like oranges, grapefruit, mixed berries, grapes, kiwi, mango etc

Few points I note from making this fruit terrine:

1) The jelly needs to be firm.  If you are making individual portions in cups or glasses, you can go for light jelly.  But, if you are making a loaf jelly like mine, the jelly needs more body to hold the layers of fruits.  So, read carefully the instructions on your gelatine package to see how much gelatine you need for making firm jelly.  

2) Have a thin layer of jelly at the top and bottom to serve as cushioning for the fruits layers.  So, pour a little jelly syrup into the bottom of pan, set lightly (should still be sticky), then place your first layer of fruit and more jelly syrup, set.  Repeat steps till last layer and set.  Have another thin layer of jelly at top and set overnight.

3) To unmold jelly from the loaf-pan, place it in a larger pan filled with hot water FOR A SHORT WHILE.  I was worried the jelly may stick on the pan, so I waited for 2 to 3 minutes after placing the loaf- pan in hot water.  Big mistake!  It melted away the outer layer of my jelly.  Luckily, the fruit terrine is still intact when I inverted the jelly onto my serving plate.  So, 30 seconds to a minute of hot water bath should be enough to loosen the terrine from the sides of the loaf pan.  Some websites suggest placing clingwrap in the loaf-pan before layering of fruits and jelly.  While this will certainly help to remove the fruit terrine, I'm not sure whether the clingwrap will leave any marks on the surface when unmold.

(for one loaf-pan measuring about 9 inch by 5 inch)

1/2 cup of raspberries
1/4 cup of sliced poached pears
1 small can of peaches (sliced)
1 punnet of blueberries (125g)
8 strawberries - cut into halves
1200ml sugar syrup* (or clear sparkling grape juice)
6.5 tsp gelatine powder **
4 tsp raspberries-flavoured jelly granules (this contains sugar + gelatine powder)
2 tbsp rum (optional)

* I used the syrup for poaching pear and added some water to obtain 1200ml liquid.
** Check the instruction on your gelatine package.  Mine is 3 tsp + 500ml = light jelly.


1) Bring your pot of syrup to gentle boil.  Mix gelatine powder and jelly granules together.  Add a few tablespoons of hot syrup into the gelatin mixture, stir and pour into pot.  Stir well till gelatine dissolves into the syrup.  Cool slightly.

2) Pour some syrup into the loaf-pan, place in fridge or freezer till the jelly almost set (should still be sticky).  Place a layer of fruits (I started with strawberries) and pour some syrup.  Put back to fridge or freezer to set.  Repeat steps to add a few more layers of fruits with syrup.  Add one more thin layer of jelly on top of the last layer of fruit & jelly.  Set in fridge overnight (do not put in freezer or you will end up with a block of ice).

3) To unmold jelly, place loaf-pan in a larger pan filled with hot water for about 30 seconds.  Check whether the jelly have loosen from the sides of the loaf-pan.  Place serving plate over the loaf-pan and carefully invert the jelly over.

4) Serve chill.  

Like to see more of my fruity creations?  Click here for a summary of all the fruity treats in March and participate in a GIVEAWAY. (Event ending on 8 April 2011)


  1. looks yummy, plus we're getting our daily serving of fruits (and more) from each serving of the jelly! :)

  2. Yes, my little girl simply loves this as it has all her fav fruits in it!


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