Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cartoon Transfer Cake Decoration

Attended a cartoon transfer cake lesson this afternoon at Phoon Huat.  This is a hands-on cake decorating class, where we bake the sponge and then do the cartoon transfer onto the sponge.

How do you create the cartoon design?  Actually, the concept is very simple:
1) Choose a cartoon design you like and print it on a piece of paper.  
2) Roll out a thin sheet of marzipan (such that you can see the outline of your cartoon design when you place the marzipan over the paper).  
3) Using melted chocolate or royal icing, pipe the outline of the cartoon design on the marzipan and let it dry.
4) Trim the marzipan and carefully transfer the design outline onto your sponge cake (already covered with fresh cream).
5) Prepare your coloured piping gel and pipe the coloured gel onto the design.

Now, why do I have this chicken design on my cake?  Not that I love to eat KFC so much.  I would have love to pipe a Thomas train, Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty on my cake.  The reason - there were only a few miserable designs that we can choose for our cake.  Maybe it has to do with copyrights law?  

I am giving this cake to my girl's class for their tea-time treat.  And since they were born in the Year of the Rooster, I guess this chicken design is not a bad idea after all!  


  1. Cute & colourful chicken anyway! great job! :)

  2. Thanks Cathy. Yes, we have many colourful chickens, some even have purple chicken! ha...

  3. Fong, thks so much for sharing the tips...

    My son requesting a chocolate oreo cheesecake for his birthday next month, Thomas & friends design. Been thinking if I should buy the edible icing image from BIY, but not sure if the icing image can put on ganache cake. May be I should try the cartoon trf method... Hehe ^_^

  4. Fong, can check with you, is Phoon huat selling the marzipan?

  5. Neyee: Yes, Phoon Huat sells the marzipan and piping gel. You can check with the counter-staff if you're not sure of the packaging. I read from internet and Wilton book that you can also do "mirror image transfer", i.e. you pipe/trace the design on a sheet of parchment paper and flip the design directly onto the cake, so that the gel will stick the design onto the cake. Maybe this flipping is more risky than piping on marzipan and transfer. You can try the flipping method at home first, if it works, then you dun have to specially buy the marzipan. I saw this very cute cookie blog, maybe is useful for your ref:

  6. Fong, thks for the link. Direct flipping I think it's too risky for me as I always 粗手粗脚, worry I will ended up not only damage the edible image, but also the cake as well... hehehe

  7. Hi fong..regarding the pipping jelly. Just a question how do you smoothen the gel filled in the picture? Do you use a brush?

  8. We used a toothpick to gently spread the piping gel


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