Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cabbage Rolls (翡翠白玉卷)


1) Carrot, mushroom, cabbage stalk, ngo hiang (all shredded).
2) Stir fry the shredded ingredients, add seasoning.  Cool & set aside.
3) Blanch the cabbage leaves in water or stock for about 2 minutes to soften the leaves.  Drain and set aside.
4) Place stir-fried ingredients (step 2) onto each cabbage leaf (step 3) and roll up.
5) Steam the cabbage rolls for 5 minutes.
6) Thicken 1/2 cup stock with cornstarch solution and pour over cabbage rolls.


  1. that fish paste ngoh hiang you used? what a novel way of using it!

  2. It's those ngoh hiang packs sold at supermarket. I think is combination of meat and fish paste.

  3. Nice to find an Asianized version of one of my favorite foods. I wouldn't often take the time to make a vegetarian style like yours though as I prefer big meat filled ones!  ツ

  4. What is the fourth ingredient, chicken?


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