Sunday, February 6, 2011

Steamed Radish Cake (萝卜糕)

Other than the sweet Chinese New Year cake (年糕) that we consume during the Chinese New Year festive period,Cantonese also loves to eat lo bak go (萝卜糕), a savory cake made with rice flour, radish (白萝卜), Chinese wax sausages (腊肠), dried Chinese mushrooms and dried shrimps.  

Preparation is the same as the earlier post.  I mixed 400g of rice flour (plus 1.5 tablespoon corn flour) to 1200ml liquid (water + liquid from soaking the mushrooms, dried shrimps/scallop, excess liquid drained from grated radish).    You need another 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup water to cook the radish & ingredients before adding in the rice flour solution.  I used one huge radish (around 500g), five Chinese mushrooms, two waxed sausages and 4 big dried scallop (瑶柱) in placed of the usual dried shrimps.  For the dried scallop, soak it with water till it softens, shred it and use the liquid to mix with rice flour.  

The above makes one 24cm round pan (measured across the diameter of pan).

Some points to note (in addition to my earlier post):
  • Use fried shallot oil and be GENEROUS with it.  Yes, radish cake needs enough oil for it to have that smooth and soft texture.  You need a few heaped tablespoons of oil to fry the radish & ingredients, generous greasing of the steaming pan, some more to smooth the top before steaming, and another tablespoon of oil to brush on top after steaming (take it as day and night moisturising cream for the cake).
  • If you like your radish cake to be very soft, you can reduce the rice flour or increase the water.
  • After steaming, allow the radish cake to cool for an hour or more before cutting it.  

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